recipe pumpkin facial mask at-home spa treatments: 6 easy, inexpensive beauty recipes

recipe pumpkin facial mask at-home spa treatments: 6 easy, inexpensive beauty recipes
With some simple supplies and a free afternoon you can enjoy something special.There are six here.You can make your own family spa Recipes.
Rose water is a well.Toner and toner are known.It costs a lot of money when you buy it with a bottle, but you can easily do it yourself.Put the rose petals firmly into the cup and put them in the bowl.Pour two cups of boiled water on the top and on the lid.Soak the rose until the liquid cools and then squeeze out the petals.During use, place the water in a sterile glass jar for cold storage.Apply to the skin with a cotton ball to tighten the skin.
Make your own sugar scrub to remove the cutin of your elbows, knees, back and limbs.Just a glass of brown sugar, a raw oatmeal and a glass of olive oil.Mix the ingredients in a jar and apply them to a dry skin.Stand on a towel or plastic bag and massage slowly in the circle.Go straight into the shower and rinse and scrub.
The acid in the lemon will work wonders on your rough elbows and rough knees.For this simple spa, all you have to do is cut the lemon in half and rub it in a rough place.Wash off in the shower.This therapy will not only soften the skin, but will also illuminate the dark areas.
Whatever your skin type is, the pumpkin will add moisture to your skin.Just a can of three tablespoons of pumpkin.Half teaspoon honeyAdd one if you have normal or oily skin-Milk or a teaspoon25 teaspoons of buttermilk for dry skin.Once you mix all the ingredients together, clean your face with your regular cleanser.Apply the mask to the skin and keep it for 15 minutes.Clean the dry mask with warm water.You can follow up with rose water and apply a moisturizer.
This treatment is simple to use and can prevent jagged nails.Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of vitamin E oil.Mix them in a bowl and massage the oil onto your skin.After soaking the oil for 15 minutes, you can wash off the excess oil with soap and water.
Mix two tablespoons of vegetable oil, two tablespoons of sea salt or sand on the beach (which you can find at a local craft store), three drops of rosemary oil and three drops of mint oil.Mix the ingredients into a paste and massage the paste onto your feet.Focus on rough areas such as your heel or calluses.When you rinse the mixture clean, your feet become smooth as silk.
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