red carpet facial mask kinara do you have red carpet body language? -

red carpet facial mask kinara do you have red carpet body language? -
Red carpet body language is a unique phenomenon.Facing the pressure of all the people who observe the entrance, what will celebrities do?Many of them pose in the same pose or pose each time they walk on the red carpet.
The chosen pose creates a repetitive pose shot in the magazine, an iconic image in the eyes of the audience.When the public thinks of every celebration, they see their pose in their mind.Do you have any iconic images?Is it positive if you do that?Red carpet photo walks can be a terrible experience for celebrities.Hundreds of photographers when you look at the photos, a lot of flashing lights and some things you haven't experienced, huge screams from hundreds of people in the crowd and loud cries from photographers, "look like this ......" Or "Renee looks on your shoulder..."Why should celebrities pose in this case?


tightly to him.Other times, this pose makes a difference for celebrities in the awkward situation of walking on the red carpet.Usually in public, you only have two options.You admit someone or you don't.But usually only two people participate in the interaction.For example, two people meet on the sidewalk and say hello to each other.Or one person admits and says hi, the other person ignores and keeps going, or both ignore each other, just like most people walking on the sidewalk in New York City...The pictures on the red carpet are completely different.People stare and shout, but celebrities can't admit every one.This pose gives them an action to show.Hey I'm here, do what you'll shout if you want.When you read the celebrity pose below, think about how you got into the room and the pose and pose you might show others.Nicole Kidman started her public pose at the end of her relationship with Tom Cruise.Whenever they were photographed together, he was facing her, and she would put her loose clenched hand under her stomach.This means she feels her partner is hurting her sexually (physically or emotionally.When a husband is disloyal or a wife no longer wants to have sex with a partner, this is a common posture for women.Nicole stopped posing like this until she started dating again.Now the hands are higher and the buttons are often as tight as the translated photos.If she held her hand symbolicallyThis posture now shows that Nicole wants to comfort herself in public and feels the need to protect her sexual orientation.Renee Zellwiger's look from the shoulder has also changed over the years.A few years ago, before filming Bridget Jones, she began posing on her back to the camera to protect the front of her body.She would stand still, her shoulder was pulled up, her head tilted to the side, and then turned over her shoulder significantly backwards, her eyes slightly forward and down, and the pose was like this: "I'm shy and innocent, but come to me.When the photographer sees her, they shout out, "Look at your shoulder..."Thus, the posture has changed, the head is in front of the shoulder, the head is tilted, and the side can be quickly browsed.The head tilt shows us the innocence and fragility of Renee.Although her hand clasped in front of her, it showed that she needed to protect herself.This new head is in front of the shoulder, the legs are separated, and under the strength gesture or support, says, "I'm in a hurry, all my success, but I let you have a look at old ReneeI'm not that innocent anymore.Jessica Simpson gave the photographer a kiss.This is what the beauty queen did during the parade to show the onlookers that they expressed their love and good wishes to them in the distance.
Come and feel it.It also echoes the image of another famous blonde Marilyn Monroe.Marilyn gave a very funny and sexy kiss with her whole body.It was a very forced pose on Jessica, using only the head and hands.She could not feel the love she claimed to send.Britney Murphy leans her head back, kicking her heel like a show horse when it jumps and glitters.If this pose is given on an impulse, it's not just "look at me ".But also be fun and lively.
Because she has been doing this all the time, it's just telling us that she wants to say, look at the chest and the beautiful legs that I reach out.Courtney Loff has been sticking out his tongue and showing his length like Kiss \ 'lead singer Gene Simmons's Starchaser.Sticking out your tongue is a baby gesture for babies to refuse food.
Reject the status quote.I "disrespect" all of you and took my picture because you liked me so much.So even though she was dressing up and marching on the red carpet, she wanted to show that she didn't care & didn't need to be accepted, but she really cared.
Strangely, her arms were bent, her hands were at the waist, and her head was tilted.
At the end of the runway.

Communicate through this posture.It is a pose;Her eyes and face are a mask that shows that she is not really "there ".
Maybe her other behavior is the behavior of the child.
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