red carpet facial mask kinara how many plumped and paralyzed faces did you count?

red carpet facial mask kinara how many plumped and paralyzed faces did you count?
2012 Academy Awards have come and gone, but there is still a lot of talk about which faces on the red carpet have been plumbed, paralyzed, stitched, lasagna and peeled.The beautiful actresses and actors depend on their faces, so it is no surprise that the fingers are pointing at them without weakening.Of course, those faces are loved!Of course, there are stitches and needles, as well as redness and swelling of the screaming "facial work."The inclined, upward, slightly small eyes are quite obvious.The immobile, rubber forehead is easy to spot without movement, but the prominent faces are those who do not have signs of surgical change or injection of substances.The natural faces that are not significantly enhanced are so pleasing to the eye.Whether this face is from Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina or Brad, beautiful, handsome, natural faces attract our attention.Even babies are attracted to good-looking people.Walking the red carpet under the scrutiny of thousands of HD cameras, harsh lights, screaming fans, the news host pushed the microphone to your face, putting a lot of pressure on the body, especially on the face.These high-profile actors want to look forward to their absolute best side with their best faces.No sagging skin, no drooping eyelids, no double chin, no wrinkles.Stress on excellence is the reason why stars can easily believe that injections and surgery can extend their facial time and career.This raises the question: should we do this just because we can?Just because injections can temporarily plump and paralyze certain areas of the face, one should start an unknown pathway to use untested toxic injections or cut a perfectly beautiful face in the name of beauty?The topic was recently discussed by two retired registered nurses.They witnessed it first.Look at how the cutting, stitching and injection industries are affecting your body and they are shocked by what they see.As more programs are introduced, patients are getting younger and younger.If you start using paralytic injections at age 25 and use toxic substances for the next 35 to 40 years, who knows what your face will look like?If you inject year after year and add a large number of stitches to the mixture for various surgeries, you will most likely wear a quirky face, which does not bode well for elegant aging.Most of us think it is possible to use facial plastic surgery to delay aging, but when it falls directly on the wire, it is a daunting experience to face surgery.There are many unknown aspects to explore.It doesn't matter if you spend thousands of dollars.Taxation of procedures that do not provide guarantees, you can still have risks, infections and results that you may not have accepted.Looking better, looking fresher, tighter, bodybuilder and Fuller is what most men and women want to see when looking in the mirror.If you are over 35 years old, you may experience something different, and the appearance of this aging will make you feel grumpy and uncomfortable, let alone helpless.Is medication and surgery the only option for a drooping face?No!Thankfully, there are such long exercises that are simple and easy to learn that deliberately lift, adjust, and tighten the sagging facial features.The beauty of sports is that you will only become more and more like yourself.Most supporters of facial movements insist that they look at least 5, 10, or even 15 years younger in the 9 to 12 weeks after starting their daily life.No risk, no pain, no stitches, no huge cash expenditure.Just facial exercises, using your thumb and fingers as an age eraser will help you rediscover the young faces you think will be lost forever.Now think back to the gorgeous actors and actresses who walked the red carpet and looked younger than them ...... They areAging Tips for simple facial movements?Very likely!
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