reuse old facial masks create a password that not even spider man can hack

The recent hacking scandal took the headlines, which allowed me to reconsider all the various passwords I currently use at work and at home.Wikipedia defines hacking as a means of discovering weaknesses in computers or computer networks, and is a serious ongoing threat to businesses and personal home offices.After doing some extensive research, I now have a better understanding of why I should create a truly secure password and how to create it correctly.
Here are the most important tips for creating a password that even spiders don't rememberMan can hack.Minimum Recommended password length is 6-8 characters.The longer and more complex the password, the more likely it is to be subjected to violent attacksHackers use force attacks on encrypted data.
According to Microsoft, passwords of 15 or more characters are no longer encrypted and stored in their hidden system files;Therefore, the threat of being hacked has been completely eliminated.The trick is to complicate your password, but it's easy for you to remember, and it's hard for others to guess.One suggestion is to start with a meaningful phrase, remove the spaces, in 1-2 capital letters, change 1-For the two letters of the number, deliberately misspell a word or insert a punctuation mark.
Here is an example: "I like social media" can be changed to "1luvSocailM3dai ".\".Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, misspelled words, and ending periods at the end are mixed together.When using meaningful sentences, another suggestion is to take the first letter of each word and apply the same technique as above.
So, "I like social media" can be changed to "iL: sm12!\".Another option to use a sentence is to connect two unrelated words and then apply again the same technique as above.For example: "burger and wireless" can be changed to "Hambugr & wirele88 ".
It is not enough to use only one technology;It must be mixed and satisfy the minimum number of characters.Do not use anyone's name or user name (your own, spouse, child, pet, relative, etc ).).Do not use any words in a dictionary, TV program name, or keyboard sequence such as qwerty.
Do not use any phone number, date of birth, license plate number or any part of the Social Security number.Change password every 4-Do not reuse the old password for 6 weeks.Create different passwords for your different accounts;This means that your email, bank account, Amazon, Pay Pal account should all have different passwords.
Remember how annoying it is to have so many passwords, and if an account is hacked, at least other accounts will not be threatened.Don't write down your password and store it on or near your computer.If you have to store your password, use the prompt to help you remember your password.
Finally, be careful with emails that require you to change your password.It could be a scam!One exception is if you forget your password and ask to reset it.Different password options are unlimited;Just use your imagination and come up with something that is completely random and unique to you.
Do you have any other helpful tips to add to the list?Have you ever been hacked?Share your story with us!
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