sabon facial mud scrub mask how to pop a pimple -

sabon facial mud scrub mask how to pop a pimple -
First of all, should you get a pimple?The risk of spreading infection always exists.However, when you go to the face, a part of the face, especially for people with acne, is a very painful extraction.Let's take a look at what happens to a professional acne face.First, clean the face thoroughly using skin care products specifically for acne.You can put a Scrub mask on your face and steam your face with a portable steamer for 15 minutes.The therapist gently massages the skin with a scrub to remove the debris.Then rinse the scrub completely with a wet sponge.At home, washing your face can also get the same effect.Then apply a Scrub mask to your face.Bend over in a bowl of freshly cooked water and leave your face 10 inch above the water surface for 15 minutes and let the steam "open" your pores.Then rinse the Scrub mask with warm water.Next, extraction and pimples began to appear.A pimple extractorUsing this insidious torture tool, one end has a ring for the treatment of blackheads, and the other end has a needle for the puncture of pimples.The ring is pressed to slide on the skin to squeeze out the blackheads that are now loose.Only mature pimples can be pierced.The tip of the extractor should be disinfected on the fire.In the salon, remove a new needle from the sterile package to pierce the acne.Only pus-filled pimples that have become popular have been pierced on the sides.Then squeeze out the pus with a clean finger until all the pus come out and some blood comes out.To prevent infection, preservatives are applied to the wound.Apply a clay mask or mud mask to your skin.After washing the mask, disinfect the pressed acne to prevent infection.Personally, I will not have pimples because pimples can cause infections and scars.It is best to use acne medication to treat pimples and take acne pills to permanently eliminate pimples.
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