safety more important than following the 'natural is best' trend says johnson's baby - organic plant based skin care products

safety more important than following the \'natural is best\' trend says johnson\'s baby  -  organic plant based skin care products
"In Johnson, nature is always more important than safety," wrote the title of a recent Johnson baby promotional video.
Considering natureis-
Food, cleaning products, cosmetics, personal care and even the most popular craze in the cat litter market, why is it all againstnatural grain?
"Although many parents want
Natural or organic natural products are not always the safest for babies, "said David Mez, father of two children and senior director of global science engagement at Johnson & Johnson Consumer. via email.
He made a rare point in a market full of herbal mixtures, in an era of refusal to be toughto-
Pronounce chemicals is the obvious price to enter the club of natural parents.
"The debate about nature and chemicals is too simplistic, and many consumers now think that the more natural the better, the safer it is.
This is not simple. In fact, over-simplification has done a lot of harm to consumers.
"Comments on promotional videos are different, but show that some consumers think it's a whole new change.
Natural marketing norms.
"Thank you for not giving in to creating fear.
"It's a pleasure to know that you're on the scientific side and take the time to study what's going into your product," one netizen wrote . ".
Others don't believe it.
"Is this a joke? ? !
Nature is too harsh, let's fill our precious babies with toxic chemicals? !
Johnson dropped another place in my book.
"It is a common misconception to think that natural substances are safer simply because they happen in nature.
In fact, whether a substance is naturally derived or synthesized has no effect on its health, safety or toxicity.
"Not all natural ingredients are good, and not all synthetic ingredients are bad," said Mez . ".
"The efficacy and safety of each natural and synthetic/chemical component needs to be evaluated.
"Because it is generally believed that artificial ingredients are more demanding or harmful than natural ingredients, companies have been re-formulating products to eliminate synthetic ingredients, while others have established niche brands based on fallacies.
Consider products with essential oils that are highly popular.
Concentrated substances extracted from plants such as mint, citrus and lemon grass have been medically used for a long time. They're widely-
In its pure form or as a raw material for personal care or household products, leading brands have all of the following products
Natural and chemical
Free "credentials.
But just like anything else we consume or apply to the body, essential oils are made of chemicals that can have beneficial and harmful effects depending on nature, concentration, dose, and other factors interact with each other.
According to the FDA, "Sometimes it is thought that if an" essential oil "or other ingredient comes from a plant, then it must be safe.
But many plants contain toxic, irritating substances, or can cause allergic reactions when applied to the skin.
General fear of synthetic substances
An honest company like actress Jessica Alba, a care company, prides itself on the "honest free" guarantee that its products do not contain ingredients.
When I talked to coauthor Dr.
Honest's "natural" ingredients were not always benign last year.
Take their orange-scented hand sanitizer gel and make it from "soothing plants" with no "irritating chemicals ".
"This gel contains orange oil, which is mainly composed of lemon, which is a familiar aroma substance for citrus fruits.
From that column: "Evidence --
Consumer advocacy organizations of Paula's Choice (
Is also a skin care company)
, Based on the potential of gel as a skin irritation, consider it a bad choice.
In addition, cosmetic ingredient reviews are an industry
According to the funded national trade association, there is not enough data to file a security claim against this component.
"Orange oil is one of the natural ingredients that Johnson's baby does not include," explains Mez.
Honest Company guarantees that its products will never include mineral oil and Lawrence sodium sulfate in other synthetic chemicals and compounds it calls "potentially healthy"compromising.
"On the other hand, Johnson's efforts have lifted people out of fear --
Based on marketing, mineral oil and Lawrence sodium sulfate are used in its products at the same time.
"Mineral oil is used in a variety of personal care products as an efficient moisturizing ingredient and skin protection substance," Johnson's baby website said . ".
"It has a long history of safe use and is improved for these purposes.
"Johnson's children seem confident in their parents' ability to learn and make informed choices, explaining the purpose of each ingredient in the product in their" Behind the Label "list.
The best motto is that it is a parenting culture of fear rather than fact to see a company explain rather than acquiesce.
Kavin Senapathy is the mother and communicator of two children in Madison, Wisconsin.
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