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Saffron - A Golden Spice with Golden Health & Beauty benefits ! - benefits of oxygen facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
Saffron - A Golden Spice with Golden Health & Beauty benefits !  -  benefits of oxygen facial mask
Saffron (Kesar): in the world of saffron in Ayurvedic, saffron is called "Kumkuma" or "Kumkuma", which means it reveals fairnessThis reddish-golden, thread-
Spices are one of the most expensive herbs used in Ayurvedic and even Chinese and Unani pharmaceutical preparations.
By weight, this is the most expensive spice in the world, 10 times more expensive than vanilla.
The reason why saffron has such a high price is because its production is very labor-intensive.
Saffron after toast.
Saffron is used as a herb and food colorant in European countries, North Africa and Asia.
The origin and planting history of saffron or KSA plants dates back to 3,000 years in Central Asia.
The saffron plant has purple flowers and 3 flower pillars.
These bean flowers or shredded flowers will be pulled out when they are dry.
Saffron contains carrots of the kind known as "saffron", which gives a bright golden color
Yellow and a good scent of your recipe.
Saffron or Kesar also has many health and cosmetic effects, making it one of the most powerful herbs in nature.
Saffron tastes bitter and increases body fire.
Saffron Spices are also an effective resistance
Antioxidant, rich in vitamins and minerals, with resistance
Aging performance.
Saffron is also a good resistance.
This is a spice that is good for the heart.
Saffron helps increase hunger.
In addition, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea can be reduced and acid and gas-related problems can be relieved.
: Saffron is conducive to the flow of urine and is therefore used to retain urine.
Saffron contains the main reasons considered to be the health benefits of saffron, such as improving arthritis and improving the health of the eyes and vision.
Recent research has shown that this herbal medicine may be the key to preventing blindness in the elderly.
In addition, it is reported that saffron has significantly helped the eyesight of cataract patients.
A recent study has shown that saffron can help treat mild to moderate depression.
This approach is promising, but may not be prudent given how expensive the spices are.
Saffron helps to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia.
Eating a little saffron in hot milk before going to bed is very helpful.
Saffron helps maintain body temperature and is useful on general health issues such as headache, cough and cold.
Apply a mixture of saffron paste and sandalwood oil on your forehead to reduce fever and headaches.
: Saffron is considered a blood purifier, which can increase the oxygen content in the blood.
It is also used as a heart tonic to help treat diseases caused by blood contamination.
Because it's
Saffron can reduce pain and inflammation in the gums in the mouth.
Just massage the saffron on the gums.
: Saffron confused on the wound helps to speed up the healing process.
Saffron helps induce menstruation and helps to relieve pain associated with the menstrual period.
It also helps to reduce chronic problems with uterine bleeding.
But you should consult their healthcare provider before using any herbs.
: In Ayurvedic, this herb is used to deal with cases such as low sperm count, low sperm vitality, premature ejaculation, etc.
Saffron regains the male reproductive system.
: The benefit of saffron is to relieve menstruation or menstrual flow and turn as a dissolvable spas agent. Fry 5-
Ground the almonds in the clarified butter with milk and saffron to make a fine paste.
The paste was eaten with warm milk at night before going to bed, restoring the reproductive system of women and men.
It can help men with problems such as low sperm activity rates, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count.
Do not use saffron when you are pregnant, as it may cause miscarriage.
This gorgeous red gold stigma helps to restore physical vitality and improve the body's immunity, thus improving the energy level.
Saffron can kill bacteria and is an ideal choice for acne treatment.
Also, because it's-
It helps to create a brighter, clearer skin tone.
: When we talk about applying saffron to our faces, we need another medium such as milk or water. Saffron: 3-
Olive oil or coconut oil: 2-
Take a small bowl and pour the water in.
Put the saffron silk into the water for the night.
In the morning, the water will turn yellow.
Add milk and coconut oil (or olive oil) to the water ).
Now take a small piece of bread and dip it in the mixture and wipe your face.
If you notice that some slices of bread stick to your face, then don't worry about rubbing your face with your hands, hey, it will be easy to get off the bus.
Put this mixture on your face for 15 minutes and then you can rinse it off with plain water.
Reduce dark circles
Make the skin fresh and smooth.
Relieve nerves and relieve mental tension.
Reduce fatigue patterns and delay wrinkles.
Promote blood circulation and enhance brilliance.
Is a 100% natural security method.
It is believed that many years ago, the Queen and Princess used the saffron mask to maintain the eternal splendor and youth on the skin.
You can also try this method before going to bed at night, but remember to soak it for at least 12 hours before the saffron is used.
Saffron is a safe and time-tested ingredient to improve skin tone.
The only problem is that this spice is considered a hot element;
It can produce a lot of heat in the body.
The use of saffron in a hot climate in the summer can lead to a small rupture of facial skin.
Therefore, the best way is to use saffron in winter or when the climate is cool.
Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and is in high demand for its health and beauty benefits.
For this reason, many adulterated and counterfeit products have been dyed in order to imitate saffron.
You can do a small test to determine if you are buying fake or fake saffron.
Take a little product and immerse it in warm water or milk.
If you see the color of the liquid immediately, then the saffron is fake or stacked.
Because true saffron must be soaked in warm water or milk for at least 15-
20 minutes before it was crimson.
Gold and fragrance.
Please remember.
If saffron is used as a food additive, avoid using too much, because using too much will bring a bitter and medicinal taste to the food.
In addition, when using saffron in supplementary forms, remember not to exceed the recommended dose.
Be sure to consult your doctor before using any herbs.
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