saje offers natural fix to avoid sunburns, bug bites - organic plant based skin care products

saje offers natural fix to avoid sunburns, bug bites  -  organic plant based skin care products
The two major hazards of summer are bites and burns, while sweating is unpleasant.
Harsh chemicals found in many skins
Both are nursing products.
A. B. Natural Health of SajeC. -
The company has two stores in Ottawa that offer solutions to these dilemmas. Saje co-founder Jean-
Pierre LeBlanc is committed to helping people through plant and natural therapy.
He said all his products are 100. per-
Natural and plants-
Essential oils and basic ingredients.
For example, many of us like the natural light of sports in summer.
For dark brown skin, LeBron recommends removing the horny tamarind body scrub with a sun shake and moisturizing with a carrot hydrating lotion.
To prevent harmful UV rays, apply a sense of the Sun
Spectrum Sunscreen and coco lip balm.
Keep cool with a cool spray and keep it dry with an au naturel Crystal fresh deodorant stick.
LeBron recently opened a store in Westborough and he suggested asking for a bottle of B-gone chemical-
Free outdoor lotion to prevent annoying bugs.
Inspired by traditional oriental medicine and Ayurvedic, Saje has nearly 500 different bodies --
Care and aromatherapy products seek to use essential oils for soothing, healing and protection.
LeBron believes that when a person is in good health, the next step is to reach out and help others.
After years of taking prescription drugs to control chronic pain, he traded pills for essential oils.
The result was so transformative that he decided to educate people about natural health for a lifetime.
In 1993, the LeBron couple Kate Ross LeBron launched their first product line.
Six blends, the best of them
It sells mint aura and immunity.
Mixed package in Vancouver apartment.
"People think we're in the snake oil business," he joked . ".
They now have 34 stores in Canada and will open several more this year, including several in California.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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