sand & sky’s face mask ‘clears skin of spots in three days’ – and the photos speak for themselves - face mask after facial

sand & sky’s face mask ‘clears skin of spots in three days’ – and the photos speak for themselves  -  face mask after facial
We have been looking for hero beauty products.
Our latest findings seem to be a mask of sand and sky.
The clay mask is hailed as "crazy" by very happy customers who have been using the product to help clear acne and redness.
There are two types of masks to choose from: one is the "porefining" mask and the other is the exfoliating treatment.
Both products can be used for acne, as well as for brightening and refreshing dull or flaky skin.
Sharing photos of them before and after on social media left a deep impression on fans.
Someone wrote: "I was deeply impressed by the way sand and sky clean up my skin in 3 days!
Another customer said, "Your product saved my skin . "
I like it so much.
To be honest, I don't think anything else will work, but I can't believe the results I got in a week.
A regular user revealed: "Use @ sandandskyausmask for 1 month. I use it 2-3 times a week.
I have never worked for my acne in my life.
I tried everything ".
Another explained that she started fighting acne during her pregnancy, suggesting that she saw a huge improvement after using the mask.
She added: "During my pregnancy I experienced a massive outbreak of pimples as my confidence was shot down, especially since I had never experienced such a thing.
"I decided to turn to sand, Sky scrub and clay mask treatments as they already have so many positive results/reviews.
"Delayed for a while, this is my result!
I 've been using scrub and mask twice a week for a month! "One customer -
Reaction to some products
Said: "I am hesitant about this treatment. I used to have some bad reactions to exfoliating, especially the reaction involving chemical exfoliating, which is both artificial and chemical.
"However, after experiencing the mask, I decided to give it a try.
I didn't have any adverse reactions, it was very nice and very gentle to my skin and felt very smooth after that.
"Both products contain pink Australian clay, which is said to be able to deeply clean the skin and" act as a magnet for toxins "in front of your eyes, purifying and tightening pores.
Some even say it's the "best and only" skincare they use.
"This is the best and only skin care product on my face right now!
That's great. . .
"My skin color is different from the overall skin health," they wrote . ".
"I often get into trouble with oily and greasy skin.
A lot of products came out today (
Even expensive high-end beauty/cleansing and moisturizer)
It can always lead to more or even worse emergencies.
"Sand sky is the only one who didn't make my skin worse than I found out.
I like to relax while it works wonders!
"The Predecessors and afters speak for themselves. . .
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