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saudi media attack iran deal as assault on arab interests - masked facial expression

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-24
saudi media attack iran deal as assault on arab interests  -  masked facial expression
Riyadh, July 15 (Reuters)-
Saudi media attacked Iran's nuclear deal with world powers on Wednesday, and cartoonists described it as an attack on Arab interests, with columnists condemning concerns about Tehran's atomic program, rather than support for regional militias.
Riyadh's official response to the agreement was a brief statement welcoming any agreement to ensure that Iran could not develop its nuclear arsenal, but he stressed the importance of strict inspections and the ability to quickly re-impose sanctions.
However, Saudi officials privately fear that Iran's release from international pressure and economic sanctions will have more freedom and money to support the region's allies against Riyadh.
The cartoon of Asak alAwsat, a pan-
The Arab Daily, near the branch of King Salman's ruling family, shows a trampled body marked as "the Middle East" with a slogan saying "nuclear agreement. The top-
S. uncle Sam and Iranian clergy wear hats, headscarves, and hand-in-arm through the body, and there is widespread concern that Washington's search for an agreement means it has realigned with Tehran at the expense of the Arab states.
A Saudi official told Reuters on Tuesday that he was worried that the deal would make the Middle East more dangerous if it made too many concessions to the Iranian government. Riyadh has accused the Iranian government of building in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. In al-
Every day on al Jazeera, columnist Jasser al-
Jasser wrote an article titled "A terrorist Iran, not a nuclear Iran," suggesting he was concerned that the deal would only allow Tehran to support Shiite Muslim militias and militants.
It is worrying that this involvement of Iran in Arab countries has contributed to sectarian conflicts that allow the Islamic State to flourish, which in Saudi Arabia al-
Watan is also a branch of the ruling family.
It shows an Iranian cleric with a fierce facial expression turning the leader on an oil pipeline marked with the nuclear agreement, A masked armed man poured into his mouth a dollar bill called terrorism.
In the front page column of al-
Another Saudi sea.
Ghassan Charbel, the owner of the Arab daily, also linked the agreement to the Islamic State, but argued that it was the group that prompted Iran and the United States to agree to the agreement
"The third person contributed to the conclusion of the agreement without appearing or requesting it to be reached.
His name is Abu Bakr Al.
He wrote: "bagdady refers to the self of the militant group. Khalifa announced.
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