schmidt: broken face but still smiling - face mask after facial

schmidt: broken face but still smiling  -  face mask after facial
If Canadian players need inspiration when they win the Championship
German rankings on Sunday, they just need to look at Sophie Schmidt. The 28-year-
Old midfielder at abertsford. C.
Playing with a protection Zorro-
Like a mask after a nasty head injury facial bone-to-
Last month the Algarve Cup collided head against Russia.
When they jumped, Schmidt collided with a Russian.
Both fell, Schmidt got up and went off the court for treatment.
"At least two bones have broken," Schmidt said . " He had to sit still in the final of the Algarve Cup.
"Cheekbones, the arch closer to the ear has collapsed.
Then I have a little eye.
"Thankfully, I think, it's just that the bones in the structure are hurt and there's nothing else.
No complications-
No concussion, no power outage.
So it's a relatively simple process of healing, it's just that the bones need to heal.
"It didn't stop Schmidt from Canada's 1-
Silver medalist at the Swedish Olympic Games on Thursday.
Schmidt forcibly saved an acrobats from the Swedish goalkeeper in the first half, when she took the pass from captain Christine Sinclair and hit the ball in the upper right corner.
Game 6.
Sweden ranked 160 in Schmidt-
Start 140.
She has 18 goals.
Schmidt is expected to win a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics on Sunday with a Canadian woman last summer in Elford against Olympic champion Germany.
It's hard to ask for fifth place.
Taking into account the schedule of Canadians and the fact that the Germans are resting and waiting for them, they are ranked first.
But last summer, Canadian women made a statement when they defeated Germany 2-1 in Brazil.
In the group stage, Canada won its first victory in 13 and 22 years.
Before that victory, Canadian women scored more than 38 points. 13 by Germany.
The Germans laughed at the end and sent Canada 2-
0 points in the semi-final of the Olympic Games
But Canadians have proved that.
The loss of the past is meaningless, Schmidt said.
"For a lot of our players, especially in Rio, they have 50-
50 games against Germany
They only win or lose, "she said.
"Because of this (Olympic)
As a result, everything is possible. . .
Our mindset is that we are here to win and we are fully capable of doing that if we meet our standards.
"Injured on March 3, Schmidt will face about three weeks of wearing a custom dress --
Made a mask while playing.
Shortly after the injury, she thanked the medical staff, the hospital and her teammates on social media.
"There's still a lot of broken faces and all the smiles," she wrote . ".
The good news is that when the facial and chin muscles are tense and chewing pain, she no longer feels the first week of pain.
"My discomfort is only around now," she said . ".
"I feel very comfortable and safe wearing a mask, which is also a good thing.
Schmidt made a miracle wearing a mask.
Her goal at the Frankfurt club is 1-
On March 27, he played a draw with Freiburg.
She used her right foot to kick a clean space about 30 yards away and hammer it on the head of the goalkeeper.
Coach John Hedman joked at the time: "This is a biscuit . " He added: "She has to wear a mask all the time now.
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