sea vegetables facial mask recipe healthy alternatives to salt -

sea vegetables facial mask recipe healthy alternatives to salt -
Almost everything you eat is salt.A small amount of salt is necessary for life, the problem is when we use a large amount of salt and eat a lot of processed foods that use a large amount of salt to cover up bad ingredients.Salt (sodium) is one of the main electrolyte in the body.All four cation electrolyte (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) are available in unrefined salt, and other important minerals are also required for optimal body function.Too much or too little salt in your diet can cause many health problems.The recommended intake should not exceed 2,300 mg Sodium (5.8 grams of salt per day), if you have blood pressure or other sodium-related complications, then you should keep your intake below 1,500 mg per day.Most Americans today consume an average of 3,700 mg of salt.

The key to reducing your salt (sodium) intake is to be creative about your cooking and try to eat less outside.When you eat outside, you don't know what your food will look like.Ten healthy alternatives to salt: Pepper: try to add richness, depth and flavor to the dishes using fresh mixed pepper.
Garlic: garlic has always been my favorite food for seasoning.Not only does it have great health benefits, it can also be used in many dishes, it always makes your food delicious.
Organic kelp granules: if you prefer a more salty taste than kelp, you need to use it in your food.Kelp is a marine vegetable with only 45 mg of sodium per serving!
This is my sister's favorite salt substitute.Leeks are part of the onion family and are delicious in salads, fish and oriental dishes.
Organic dour, Laver and Sea bamboo shoots: Seaweed provides iodine and salty taste without too much sodium.These sea dishes are only 30 mg of sodium, so you can skip the salt!
Oregano: A good herb mainly used in Italian recipes.The taste is from sweet to spicy.This is a great alternative to salt!
Grated bay leaves: Give your food a soft and warm taste without adding sodium to common salt.
Basil: Another herb used in many Italian dishes.It smells great and tastes great, it adds flavor and makes your nose pleasant.
Ginger: it has great benefits for health and for any recipe!
Rosemary: One of my favorite herbs!Great lamb, chicken and fish.Unlike other herbs, Rosemary has an aromatic smell and flavor.There are many alternatives to salt that are healthy for you.Salt is a necessary mineral, but we consume so much salt that it affects our health.With all the wonderful alternatives, we shouldn't have added so much salt to our diet because we 've added enough salt to the food we eat.Resources: 1-Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2-Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 "Sodium and Potassium" and 2010 Dietary Guidelines for the American Heart Association ".3-2010 dietary guidelines.American Heart AssociationJanuary 23, 2009-"Common herbs for Natural Health", 5-Reference materials on food salt and health issues.
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