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Jealousy is a cruel emotion.This is the most brutal for those who experience it, but it is also cruel for those who are pointed by it.Yesterday, when I happened to find an on-Line forum should be a networking opportunity for those working in a particular niche industry.I'm not looking for this forum, I'm just looking for the contact details of someone I used to know, and as usual, the first place I searched these days was on Google.
Immediately after clicking on the link, I visited several conversation threads that screamed "before the discontentThe staff said to me.When I scan the information quickly, there is a smell of jealousy in the air on my leg.When the post of a jealous person is marked as "Anonymous", it is always surprising how great their confidence will be;I was wondering if they would judge and comment so quickly if they had to stand next to the comment.
Whether jealousy is directed at your boyfriend, spouse, co-worker or company, it still has negative and destructive intentions.But the law of karma ensures that the person ultimately most affected by this destructive energy is its initiator.Jealousy does not allow you to be happy;It will not help you move forward.
I made this clear on the forum;Those who complained most sharply also proudly posted the news that they were able to lie in bed and not work most of the day, and how they find ways to account fees that suit their personal purpose.This is not progress;Instead, it reflects the retreat and contraction.Their own jealousy builds a higher wall around their experience of the world.
Jealousy inhibition, jealousy restriction, jealousy destruction.Jealousy is an emotion to those who have what you want;It accused them of not having what they got.The latter aspect is the reason to prevent a person from overcoming the jealous thoughts that control their focus.
Until people realize that they are in place because of their actions and take responsibility for their status, they can overcome the recession of jealousy.This may be difficult to do;We have an instinct to be consistent with ourselves and others.I mean, once we have chosen a position, it seems that we will act consistently.
We instinctively feel the need to "prove our point" to ourselves ".Needless to say, the more strongly a person experiences their jealous thoughts and shows their jealous intentions, the greater the "need" for them to prove consistency (for themselves, not for others ), the harder it is to step back and trace these steps.What happens before a person does this?When jealous people point their fingers at the people around them, those others avoid their eyes, close their ears and continue their lives.
In business, this is easier to do than in close relationships.People who live with a jealous spouse will most likely find reasons to work longer, so as to stay away from envy as much as possible until they end up not going home at all.Of course, when the experience is worst, it depicts the picture of jealousy.
Many people are troubled by jealousy in a smaller way, but even then it can always cause damage.In order to overcome jealousy, people must stop blaming others instinctively, but pay close attention to their habitual thoughts and behaviors.Hypnosis is a great help in this task, because it is a state of mind that allows you to step back, look at yourself from different angles, and explore subconscious thinking.
This is essential if you want to overcome instinctive and habitual thoughts and behaviors --The subconscious is where they are stored and triggered.Lack of self-confidence is often drawn into the wheel of jealousy.Similarly, hypnosis provides an easy way for people to build confidence from.
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