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This week (Monday, June 14, 2010), I read an article in The Times outlining Sir Clive Woodward's coaching approach, highlighting why his system was so successful.He is a good teacher. this is a good coach.He is also very focused on attitude, not just technology.Sir Clive distinguishes between sponge and rock.
In fact, as long as we allow, we all have the same mind as a sponge.If you strengthen your mind and make it as tough and rock as it is outside, then you also stop yourself from learning, stretching, progressing and winning.This is not only the case in sports;It applies to every area of life.
We often see this effect in relationships;You will be afraid of getting hurt, so you will become stronger.But you also lose your passion and passion when you strengthen your mind and heart.Life becomes lackingShine and shine.The effect is obvious in sports.It may look like an angry display, or it may be a dose of Yips.
You must have passion to win in sports and life.So whenever you realize that your mind or heart is getting hard, it's worth spending a little time and energy drilling the rock like a surface, so, let your mind return to its natural sponge state and let your heart return to things again.The coach's first job is to guide you back to an open state where you are willing to learn;Otherwise, it won't work no matter what he or she does.
My mother is a fan of the Internet.
She commented on the different attitudes of Nadal and Murray.Throughout the game, Nadal kept asking his coach for eye contact.On the other hand, Murray seems to almost avoid watching his coach.
Who do you think the mind is more like a spongeWilling to learn?Really have a winning mentality.Some people think you either have or don't, but that's not the case.There are several different spiritual attributes that together provide an environment conducive to success.
Sir Clive points out ten different aspects of attitude that are important and essential for mastery on the road to victory, as long as you are a willing person to learn, all of themI like to think about these psychological skills from a toolkit perspective.Everyone uses some basic tools from time to time, so they become familiar --Hammer, wrench, screwI think of the driver most easily.There are other tools that you may not be familiar with, but you can understand what they are for and how to use them if you need them.
With the help of good teachers and good coaches, the task becomes easier.There is a similar range of psychological skills.Some are often used by us, and some are rarely relied upon by us.
But you need to be familiar with them if you want to achieve mastery.Hypnosis is like a super to me.tool\".It's not just doing a job;Instead, it does a lot.Hypnosis itself is a state of relaxation, which can also make it easy for you to enter the subconscious.
Hypnosis calms you down, relaxes, shows you how to retreat, and also opens the door for the great power of your inner heart.It won't stop there!Your brain becomes more sponge when you enter your subconsciousYou can learn more easily and faster.Your creative thinking stands out too, so the visualization skills are automatically enhanced.
Through hypnosis, you can learn to focus more clearly and change your attitude and expectations more easily.Hypnosis is like a box where all tools are stored, and is, to some extent, an important part of each tool.Not using hypnosis is like trying to use a drill without a drill.
If you are looking for mastery, you can afford not to be familiar with this superWhat do we call the power of hypnosis?Rosanna Leyton, expert in hypnotized mp3, author of the GolferWithin mental skills toolkit.P.S.Do you want to make it easier to master?Get free hypnotized mp3 from my website
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