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Being followed on facebook is not a pleasant experience.I was wondering how many people are actually being tracked on facebook?When you think of tracking, the first scene that comes to mind is a man obsessed with tracking a woman with some kind of physical abuse intent.But there are actually many different forms of tracking.
In fact, the more frequent thing than you think is that someone starts tracking you on facebook.Many of us share photos and a lot of life in writing on social sharing sites such as facebook or by posting blog posts.Sometimes it's just a social thing we do;At other times, this type of social post is part of your business network and marketing of business interests.
Whether you're being followed by people or you're being tracked on facebook, you're not being followed by completely new people;There are usually some described ties, although they may be loose.So it's a bit surprising when you're in the latter category (posted for business purposes) and you're being tracked.But if this happens to you, you know you 've always been the object of facebook tracking, and when you look back, you realize afterwards, when you focus on your business goals and are distracted by them, it's easier for the tracker to do their detective work.
That's how I am.
When your intent is web or viral marketing, you don't review every "friend request" very carefully ".If you are using facebook or blog only for personal reasons, you will only accept real friend requests from people you know in person or will only disclose your blog to close friends.So, as a friend, I accepted an open request that they continue to linger on my photos, blog posts and web pages with a jealous obsession, and I was lucky not to startBefore I fully realized what was going on, I was followed up on facebook for more than a few months.
In fact, I am trying to keep my facebook profile for business-only activities.But inevitably, as time goes by, your guard misses and you start to think it doesn't matter if some of your friends are there too.Not only that, many of your friends want to be there to help you with viral marketing.
Afterwards, I believe in the kindness of human nature.In this case, it becomes very easy to track and be tracked.Here the would-be-The stalkers sat at home Friday night wondering what their ex did in their lives.
They find themselves attracted to facebook and search for their names;Pop up their page where you can see photos of all their friends.Now you start to wonder who those friends are.Which is the new girlfriend?How does he know her or how does she know him?It is very easy to start tracking or be tracked on facebook.
It doesn't take a long time to figure out who is who when you can access these pages on facebook, and to learn more about masochism motives that are good for you.It takes only a few lonely weekends and you can think of creating a fake profile and starting to track an on-going basis.I'm sure the tracker doesn't think this is tracking and they can find many reasons for their actions.
But now, face the reality, face the facts.Because you know you want to hide your identity, you create a page that is not exposed.You know you're totally out of order, and you don't want your shadow.
In fact, I feel very angry when I find my tracker.I am very angry, in fact, their nerves are still very brave.I am usually a very calm person with the nature of "live, let live;I can easily and automatically put myself in the ground, but I find myself dealing with an instinctive desire, which is to completelyIn fact, this is the normal "fight or escape" reaction at the time of the threat;Being followed on facebook is a threat, just as you are being tracked on the street, and your mind and body are instinctively ready to fight back with everything you have!I remembered a friend who had a slightly different experience but showed the same emotional reaction of iron youth.
Another woman insisted on calling her to have dinner with her husband.She called again and again;Again and again, she happened to be in the park outside their home.My friend explained that another woman had an open interest in her husband;In fact, her being followed is a way of trying to get close to her husband.
She was not threatened for losing her husband because their relationship was very solid.But she found the whole situation to be completely insulting and angry at another woman for her actions.Her mood was so strong that she said she could not be in the same room as this woman without verbally tormenting her.
I must admit at the time that I thought her reaction was a bit overdone.As we discuss the entire tracking scenario, I point out that this is not even worth worrying about;The woman's interest in her husband will never pose a real threat to her.Her answer was that I was too tolerant.I'm too open to trust others.Like she said, who needs to treat your friends like this?Why did you open the door for them?Now, I 've had a follow-up experience myself, either through facebook or in person, and I'm totally with her;I find that my tolerant nature has abandoned me.
I find it ironic that in the last email exchange on facebook (making me realize that this so called friend is actually following me) when I did not answer her question as she wished, she tried to say that I was dishonest.Talk about pot black!She has been following me on facebook for months, deliberately lying and cheating on me.In fact, she was so determined that I would agree with her that she had inadvertently revealed her identity.
As a friend, she was immediately deleted and the door slammed.However, she was still able to follow me to a certain extent.I will no longer be tracked by her on facebook, but as far as my business is concerned, I do post on the blog.
In fact, I bet she read it almost after the article was published.I would prefer that, in addition to being embarrassed by her bad behavior, she now realizes that following me has never been of any benefit to her, and may realize, now is the time to seek help with her insecurities and troubles.She may also realize that her emotional baggage prevents her from developing positive relationships.
To prevent themselves from being tracked on facebook, everyone should take at least some basic precautions.Make sure there are recent photos to see, check to see if there are a fair number of friends, how long they have been on facebook and what type of activities they have been involved in on facebook.Rosanna Leton, self hypnosis mp3 Downloader expert on interpersonal issues.
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