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I believe that almost all the troubles in the world today stem from trust.Lack of confidence is capable of reaching out to many different directions and influencing the world around us in a very negative way.In contrast, the feeling of high selfRespect and Self-confidence fill your own life with joy and satisfaction, and this positive emotion extends equally to the universe.
Confidence or lack of confidence will have a huge domino effect on the world.Lack of confidence has different faces.Sometimes it may appear mean;By contrast, putting others down you may feel "bigger ".But improving your self-confidence is only short-lived and ultimately very expensive.
Others (the person you are referring to) pay an immediate price and there is also an ongoing price that you may not find immediately.If you are mean to someone, bully someone, or do harm to them in any way, you must accept this knowledge.This is very expensive for your own emotions.
It leaves more than just bad taste in your mouth.It reinforces your inner belief that you are a "bad" person and further increases your lack of confidence.Similarly, others may also feel very negative about the whole situation, and those negative emotions will inevitably stretch the tendrils into the environment like ivy, wrap yourself safely on anything they can and kill them in the process.
Negative breeds negative;Positive.
Lack of confidence can have a negative snowball effect.It can be expressed as fear, timidity, anger, or hatred.Hatred is the most obvious manifestation of lack of confidence;It has the ability to have a huge impact on the entire universe.
Most people don't hate it;This extreme mood will only make a few people suffer, but the impact of their hatred is far-reaching.Lack of confidence is more manifested in fear.Fear has the effect of limiting and shrinking.
It prevents you from spreading your wings and reaching your potential.In the process of trying to overcome fear, you allow yourself to experience the infinite freedom that the universe offers.It also allows you to grow into a person and spread positive feelings and feelings of abundance to the world around you.
If we want to make the world a better place, we should do everything we can to build our self-confidence.When you are confident in your heart, you can clearly see the world around you, not through the eyes of fear, frustration, anger, hatred, etc.Your reaction to the people around you is determined by your own expectations;You see what you expect to see.
Confidence makes you see clearly.
Confidence can also send you a message of safety, comfort and abundance to the universe.Others benefit.Example is real leadership.The world will inevitably become better.Rosanna Leton, expert in hypnosis mp3, building confidence, happiness and healthbeing,P.S.Do you want to be more confident?Get free hypnotized mp3 from my website.
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