selenium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Controlling Jealousy Before It Controls You

Jealousy is a dangerous, destructive mood that can go beyond logical thinking and inspire people to act in an irrational way.When you feel jealous, you feel like you are being rolled into your life by a tornado, destroying everything on its path, let you and others not be sure when the storm will eventually subside.Then you look around and look at the desolation left by this emotional tornado and you find it difficult to understand exactly what is going on.
Just like a tornado, jealousy hits itself into a frenzy, sending whip lashes to all who dare to cross its path.Jealousy is a strong emotion that seems to hold you in a bind, dictate what you do and say, and have complete control over your being.Learning to control jealousy is like learning to control anger.
These volatile and volatile emotions are like-minded.In both cases, your emotional brain takes over and cannot think clearly and logically.In order to overcome jealousy, you must learn to retreat and re-Involve the cortex in the logical thinking part of your brain.
These two emotions, jealousy and anger, will only be experienced if threats are perceived.Whenever your brain feels threatened, the natural "fight or escape" reaction takes over and prepares you to fight or escape.This is a natural physiological response that happens instinctively automatically when you feel a threat.
As a question of survival, it is difficult for us to respond in this way.This reaction has been with us since we lived in caves.This is an integral part of our genetic planning.
In order to overcome jealousy, you have to consider why you think something (usually someone) is a threat.Jealousy happens in many different relationships, from toddlers to big-parents.Jealousy is experienced in the competition between brothers and sisters and in the fight against partners.
When you feel uneasy about your partner, jealousy is often the strongest and most painful.Your survival instinct goes to red alert and for some it feels like a fuse is exploding.There's an explosion in your brain, followed by crazy emotions.
How do others deal with jealousy when it comes to them?Some look around for cover like a storm.Others think that your performance of jealousy is a threat to them and put on your own boxing gloves to prepare for the fight.What can you do to overcome jealousy and control your emotions before a tornado is triggered?You can take a few deep breaths so your body will relax automatically.
Then, as your body relaxes, your brain will also relax, and the red fog of emotions will relax the bondage to the cortex of your logical thinking.This is actually easy to implement and fast;All you need to know is this is what you need to do!You can, however, do something more important and deeply rooted to help prevent jealousy from rising;You can work with confidence.If you feel comfortable and confident about yourself, then you will not see others as threats, and you will not be tortured by the dark clouds of jealousy.
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