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There is a lot of evidence now that people do things in a hurry without spending enough time thinking.Although sometimes the effect is not very satisfactory, the consequences are usually not too harmful.I know myself, I have a fairly short fuse when I come across an answer system that will let you sway indefinitely, when you finally reach someone, their department!My other "pet hate" is for companies that obviously have a policy of never apologizing, no matter what they do.When I received the following email, I remembered how angry people are these days for some reasonmail:-\ "A relaxed sample of the email you sent me doesn't work!!Send me one.
If you don't, we know you're a big liar!!!"Now, I don't know how you will react, but I find myself taking a step back and wondering what the hell is going on with this person.I checked the hypnosis download code on their email before replyingMail, click on the link to see what happened;It is downloaded to my desktop immediately.Then I checked the sound quality of each track and it was perfect.I then emailed that person, thanked them for contacting and asked if they would elaborate on the problems they had.I also pointed out that the download worked really well for me.I didn't even get a reply.Great!I wonder why this man is so rude.They clicked on a link to a completely free product and had a problem downloading it (it looks like they didn't follow the simple instructions that came with the code ), then sent an email with a rude wording.They did not think it would be appropriate to include an email with "please" or "thank you" and at the same time infer that I had committed fraud.I suspect that this person has had some negative experiences with internet purchases in the past, and when the download doesn't seem to work immediately, they quickly rushed this angry note off.This man made a "pattern match" with something that made them angry in the past ".They didn't think clearly when they sent the emailOr they will at least wording in a more polite way.I know this email.The Mail is not for me.What happens when something is found to be frustrating, or trigger a feeling of anger, is that the emotional part of the brain takes over and the logical thinking part of the mind is bypassed.In this particular case, I also know that there is no problem with my download system;But even if it's a computer/website error, I still won't really expect this type of emailmail.Errors do occur, strange failures occur, and everyone using the computer should be aware of this phenomenon.It seems that we (many people) have become unforgiving;We look forward to perfection and we will soon be angry and blame each other.I received the following emailThe email from others also proves this :-"Most of the high quality hypnoists let you taste the session.Why can't we hear a single voice on this site without paying?I want samples. where is the sample of what I bought?\ "I got a good response saying they definitely missed the free hypnosis relaxation on the main page.It's right in the middle of the main page.The man decided to write an email.The Mail actually asks for something free while inferring that I am not a "quality hypnotized" person if I don't do it!I asked politely what was wrong?What is its cost?Is it really that hard to think before you talk?Of course, this person might say something like "Hi, I met your website and really wanted to hear the sample before I bought it.I noticed that this is usually done by other websites."More importantly, none of these people acknowledged my response and did not apologize for their rudeness.I do not want to "approach" these people;This is not my rambling point of view.I just use them to prove how short the fuses are for so many people, and if everyone says "please" and "thank you" how well the world will become respectful of others.When you know that you have "hate pets" or something you only have a short fuse, it is important to learn how to take a step back and relax, before you respond in an emotional or aggressive way.Taking a deep breath will help you relax and re-Make your logical thinking active.It is also worth reminding yourself not to generalize;Anything that happens now should be treated asNot one of a series of things.The natural trend is generalization, which also creates expectations for something, and then you only see what you expect to see;You built a mountain with a mole.hill.If you realize that you respond to most situations in a way that is too aggressive or defensive, then it is important to know that it can change by learning to think in a different way.Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, so you can easily learn to relax by learning to use hypnosis.Hypnosis is easy to learn and use with the help of hypnosis recording.(You can get free hypnosis relaxation from my website: it's on the main page!) You can also enter your subconscious through hypnosis, which knows what to do and how to do it;Part of spontaneous behavior.So if you want to change the behavioral patterns of your habits, hypnosis will help you get into the brain part of your driving seat.If the pattern of behavior you want to change is a tendency to be angry or aggressive, you can get a hypnotized mp3 specially designed to help you stop being angry.Quality hypnotized mp3 recording expert Rosanna Leton helps us live a happy and enjoyable life.P.S.Another way to retreat from frustration is to write it!Or write a song on U.Like a gentleman did when an airline did not take responsibility for breaking the guitar.
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