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Have you seen this video on youtube?It's easy to prove that the motivation to exercise is not just because you think you should.When motion becomes something interesting, you do it automatically without even realizing that you are doing it.Here, the video shows a crowded foyer with the option of an elevator or staircase where everyone can avoid the stairs of the elevator.
Overnight, the stairs turned into a piano keyboard.The next day, most people chose the stairs, not only did they walk up and down the steps, but they pretended to play the piano and quickly jumped from the key to the key;They had a good time and got a lot of exercise, a by-product of their excitement and fun.In order to exercise, I have written a lot about the importance of doing something interesting.
Children have been exercising;They just don't sit still.Their natural curiosity makes them move, twist, jump, and jump.I remember almost all summer vacation trying different feats with my friends in the local swimming pool;Touch the bottom, pick things up from the bottom, swim through a tunnel made of a friend's leg, etc.
It's not a mandatory exercise plan, but we get a lot of exercise, kids.We don't count calories every five minutes, and we don't check the pedometer every five minutes.We had a good time!Just watch this video and you can see the crowd having a great time on the piano keyboard.
Although I have written the fact that fun inspires exercise, words alone have never been as powerful as visual images.Pictures are more motivating than words.This is another thing I wrote.That's why the hypnotherapist makes you imagine what you want, or what you want to achieve.For example, in a golf game, the key is to paint a perfect shot or perfect putter.
Just saying "put the ball in the hole" to yourself doesn't have the effect of imagining it entering the Cup as powerful.In the visualisation, you use the sense of vision and sound, as well as the feeling, as in the self-conversation, you only use sound and willpower.I just took golf as an example.The same principle applies to everything you want to achieve.
Imagine the desired end result is much more powerful than just considering it.Look at yourself with your perfect weight, imagine yourself giving a wonderful speech or passing a driving test, and more.Really imagine what you want to happen in your life.
Where there is a conflict between your will and your imagination, your imagination will win.It's stronger.This is fact.This is it;How does your brain work?Once you know how your brain works, you can make it easier to succeed in all areas of your life.Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation.
But not just relax,Hypnosis provides a simple access to your subconscious and creative mind, enabling you to see more vividly what you want to see and add greater intensity and strength to your visualization, effectively incorporate what you want into your reality.Roseanna Leaton, an expert in hypnotizing mp3 downloads for success and happiness
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