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The problem of lowering cholesterol seems easy for some, but more difficult for others.The key to successful cholesterol reduction is to make the necessary changes as simple as possible.Whenever I tell people that my cholesterol levels are high, they don't believe me at all.
They think I'm joking.
I am 5 feet 5 inch tall and weigh 115 pounds and have a fair amount of exercise and most people think of moderate eating habits.How can my cholesterol level be so high?Leave this aside for the time being, and the more important question is what is the easiest way to lower cholesterol levels?The first problem to solve seems to be to reduce the intake of saturated fat.I am a strong-willed person and if I decide to do something, I do not feel that it is too difficult to make the necessary changes in order to achieve my goals.
So I decided to minimize animal fat and cut off my morning cookies, chocolate brownie snacks, red meat, cheese and butter.You got the picture.I have to admit that I feel a little deprived of myself, but in general I can see possible long-term benefits, so I gave in to that regime.Four months later, I thought it was time to do another cholesterol check.
I am very happy with my performance and look forward to seeing the expected results.The feeling changed when I saw that my cholesterol levels had lowered the minimum amount imaginable.It seems that I made a lot of concessions in my diet for a small benefit.
The cost-benefit trade-It doesn't seem so good!It's time to reassess the situation.Maybe I'm genetically inclined to have high cholesterol?Is medication the best way?I am very confident that if you can do something naturally, it would be better than pursuing a less natural choice.For me, medication is definitely the last resort.
However, my motivation is somewhat diminished, so it becomes important to regroup and find additional ways to redouble my efforts.Obviously, I have to be super.Eliminate strict requirements for all saturated fats.No cheating.It's OK to say a little without joking.I also started searching Google for easy ways to help lower cholesterol.
I found a very good list of tips on web md.Only the experts provided the information contained in it, so I decided it would be a good fit-Studied the list of tips to follow.I started to cross things off the list.I have walked more than 10,000 steps a day.
I'm already avoiding saturated fat.
I have eaten more fiber and fish.
In order not to exceed the recommended intake, I have had enough alcohol.I\'m a non-smoker.There is also a suggestion to drink green tea.Now I have to admit that I don't like the taste.
In addition, Google search shows that taking seaweed/seaweed tablets 8-A week can help lower cholesterol in a similar way.So I signed up for it as a supplement.In my opinion, this is a simple choice.I like to keep it simple!If things are simple, then it's easy for them to stick.There is also a suggestion to eat a handful of nuts every day.
I like nuts so it's easy to sign up too.
Be careful, I did check which nuts were the best and would be more than happy to follow.The last suggestion is to change the spread to a spread containing cholesterol.Reduce plant compoundsI do try to cook with these types of sauce;I'm afraid it didn't work, but re-cooked with a little olive oil or some other "good fat.
I don't like to eat too much food that needs to be smeared, but I used to eat delicious old butter when I ate it.Those days have passed as I have eliminated the spread.But don't want to miss something that might be cholesterol.
I found some yogurt like that.
I now spend two of them happily every day.I want to give myself a six.Before taking another cholesterol test, follow my new diet rule for a month.It seems like an appropriate time frame for my body to have a chance to reflect these changes.
I have accepted the fact that this will not be a quick solution for me.I believe many people have gone the same way.I'm not the only one with too much cholesterol, which proves that I'm a little stubborn about changing.
There are a lot of people who have less health habits than me and they try to motivate themselves to seriously change their eating habits and lifestyles.Having goals or goals is an important factor in motivation, which is also mentioned in the hint list.Able to see those distant placesKeeping an eye on these benefits is also part of the incentive process.
If you are having trouble with this, then you may find hypnosis helpful.Hypnosis allows you to enter your subconscious and embed new ideas, behaviors, habits, and goals in it so that you can act on them automatically and instinctively.Rosanna Leton, an expert in weight loss, health and health hypnosis downloadbeing.
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