selenium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient home remedies for armpit sweating and arteriosclerosis

Home Remedies for underarm sweating and odors are to keep the best hygiene possible and remove the hair.Hair roots and follicles are the favorite seats for bacteria that produce bad smells.Removing hair reduces the chance of microbial growth, which is why a smooth, well-scraped underarm is unlikely to produce a bad smell.
One of the most effective home therapies for underarm sweating and unpleasant smells is to keep the area dry and clean.Mild deodorant can be used (preferably anti-odorSweat deodorant ).Alternatively, you can use the powder that keeps the underarm dry and clean (preferably herbs ).
Ancient doctors believe that eating foods that are too spicy and greasy can make people sweat.In addition, avoiding foods with strong orders like garlic and onions is considered to be one of the effective family therapies to treat underarm sweating.Put the rose petals into the bath water.Alternatively, you can also put a few drops of rose or saffron essence (or a few milliliters of rose water) and take a shower twice a day.
It is said to be one of the most effective self-made treatments for underarm sweating and odor.Homeopathy has a good treatment for this.You can also consult an experienced homeopathic doctor to learn about home therapy for underarm sweating and get some homeopathic medication that you can keep at home and take regularly during the said period.Don't wear clothes that are too tight and thick.
They make you sweat and cause you to sweat under your arms.Wear sleeveless after placing a mild deodorant to avoid sweating.Potatoes increase the fairness of the skin and can therefore be used as one of the effective family therapies for dark underarms or underarms.
For a few days, rub the potato peel gently in a dark place three times a day.This brings you good results.Aloe vera is an herb that is good for improving the texture and skin tone of the skin.For this purpose, you can use the aloe pulp for this purpose, or you can choose the herbal cosmetic cream containing aloe as the main ingredient.
Coconut oil is good for nourishing the skin.Use coconut oil to whiten your underarm or underarm.After cleaning, just apply coconut oil under your arms every day to solve this problem.
In fact, this is one of the effective family treatments for dark underarm or underarm.Sandalwood, henna and licorice are the few herbs that contain natural whitening ingredients.Paste made with these ingredients helps whiten dark skin.
Therefore, it is considered to be one of the reliable home therapies for the treatment of the dark underarm or underarm.Grams of flour helps whiten the skin and therefore can be applied to dark areas anywhere in the body.You can wash your underarms with grams of flour.
Practice this every day while taking a shower and you can find different places.Ke is said to be a kitchen therapy under the dark arm.You can use deodorant that claims to whiten your underarm.
Prefer to choose a well-known brand.
Wear these special deodorant to remove dark underarms and underarms.A disease of hardening of the arteries, in which the arteries become stiff, causing problems in the heart and kidneys, stroke and blood circulation in the limbs.It is said that the main cause of death in the United States is hardening of the arteries.
The occurrence of this disease is due to damage to the innermost layer of the artery, the formation of clots and plaques, and the formation of fat-filled cells.The use of antioxidants, vitamin C, B6, B12, omega 3 oils, selenium, folic acid and other supplements can reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries;This will also restore normal heart function.* Take the lemon peel and place it all night in warm water.
In the morning, eat a teaspoon three times a day for all the food.It can be eaten in both natural form and mixed with food.This is one of the best ways to treat hardening of the arteries.
* The use of honey and lemon is one of the effective home therapy for treating hardening of the arteries.Eat a teaspoon of a mixture of both before going to bed.This is a simple and most effective family therapy for hardening.
* Cook a small amount of parsley in a cup of water.Consume this solution every day.This is one of the best ways to treat hardening of the arteries.Garlic and onion are two natural medicines for the treatment of arterial porridge.
Eating spinach regularly also helps fight arterial porridge.Avoid it if you have a sour taste.Similarly, one of the best ways to treat hardening of the arteries is to consume carrot juice every day.Other effective home therapy for hardening of the arteries * The most effective home therapy for hardening of the arteries includes drinking onion juice.
A teaspoon can prevent this disease.
* Beer yeast should reduce cholesterol levels;It also helps to increase high density cholesterol.This is one of the most natural home therapies for the treatment of coronary artery disease.* Green tea is common in Southeast Asia and is now recognized worldwide for its medical value.
It consists of Epigallocatechin or tlc, which can prevent oxidation of the heart.In addition, it is also effective in raising high-density and lowering low-density.* Onions, as blood thinners, can be considered as one of the good family treatments for arterial porridge.
The oat brain can also help with heart disease.* Rigid arteries need to soften in order to prevent hardening of the arteries.Prunes are useful for protecting both animals and human hearts.
* Another natural drug for treating hardening of the arteriesTake 1 kg honey and add 10 lemons and 5 garlic juices.Consume four tablespoons of this mixture very slowly once a day, just like you're sucking candy.This is considered to be one of the best ways to treat hardening of the arteries.
* Take about 200 mg of boiled water and add 20g of Hawthorn barrier-Cook the mixture for five minutes.Eat this mixture before dining
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