selenium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient How Do You Deal With Conflict?

It is interesting to note the responses of different people when dealing with situations involving conflicts.Some are as tenacious as Jack Russell, clamoring and refusing to give in;In their nature, the attack seems to be close.Others reacted more like King Charles's hound, curled up in the corner, and looked around with wide eyes, hoping that peace would not be too long;They have the breeding nature of a peaceful next of kin, waiting for the chance to come up, licking your hand and hoping for a gentle pat in return.There are many changes in temperament along this scale.The undeniable fact is that some people are more capable of dealing with conflicts than others.But dogs with the biggest barking sound don't always win.Sometimes, of course, it works;It will scare away some timid creatures and let them run back to the corner.Sometimes their apping mouth and heel can cause them trouble.The defensive action they may think is more likely to be viewed as offensive by the other side.In this case, the best response is to stand on your side and treat another person as you wish.I mean, no matter how rude or impolite the other person is, responding in a polite and respectful way usually wins at the end of the day.Things happen, but you don't need to raise your voice or make a loud noise.In this case, the motto "If you can't beat them then join them" doesn't work at all.Unfortunately, this is something that happens very often.When your emotions and original thinking are in control, it's easy to get caught up in this situation and react.When you get upset by what the emotional brain is taking over.Your brain responds to perceived threats, and the battle or flight response begins immediately.Adrenaline pumps out around your system, prompting you to slam, fight back, or run like hell.Sometimes your reaction gets frozen.Between choices, you may become entrenched and unable to take any action at all.Since the cave age, the human brain has been responding in this way.Your brain focuses all its attention on this primary survival instinct, and your brain's more logical, higher cortical areas are bypassed.You cannot think clearly at this point;This is impossible.That is why it is so easy to respond to aggression with aggression;But doing so will only escalate the situation.In the cave age, this is the basic element of survival.However, this is almost always inappropriate in modern times.One must learn how to placate their emotions and engage their logical thinking in their internal discussions about how to best respond to the environment.Just take a deep breath and you will experience a natural relaxation reaction throughout your body, which will also be reflected by your mind.Once your logical thinking starts over, a good question is, what do you feel if you think that everything right is really wrong?I think it's another way to suggest that you look at things from another person's perspective and try to figure out where they come from.Ask yourself why they are screaming in a way that is obviously offensive.You can also ask yourself what you can do to calm the situation and finally achieve positive results.For some, this means easing their instinctive reaction to whip lashing and counterattack.For others, this is learning how to gain a foothold and stay calm, even if their heart beats loudly in their chest, they feel almost impossible to breathe.Often, this includes not only the ability to change your own emotional responses, but also the ability to help another person change their state and re-shift to a more logical mode of thinking and action.As long as we take the time to learn how to do this, we all have the ability to change state and relax.Hypnosis is a great tool, easy to learn and easy to use.Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that can soothe your mind and body.Through hypnosis, you can enter your subconscious mind, which is a more emotional part of your mind.So when you learn to relax with hypnosis, you can also go into the part of your brain that triggers these original emotional reactions.This means that through hypnosis, you can train your brain to respond in a more appropriate way to situations that perceive conflict and stress.Rosanna Leyton, expert in health, success and health self-hypnosis mp3 downloadbeing.
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