selenium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient How the Weather Affects Your Psyche

When the sun shines, most people will notice that their emotions have increased.Scientists have also noticed that when we are bathed in the sun, the brain and body automatically produce physiological reactions and release endorph;Let's have a soothing feeling --good factor.A friend commented a few days ago that she would feel very low if she hadn't seen the blue sky for a few days.
As she said, the weather does not even have to be warm;She only needs to see the bright blue sky.I agree.I like brightness.Most people prefer to see the bright scenery, not the dim and dark scenery.The environment has a great impact on your mood;This is an inevitable fact.
It's not just the sun that affects your spirit and happiness --being.Other aspects of the weather will also affect you.Think of Aesop's parable about the competition between wind and the sun for travelers walking on the road wearing coats.
The wind was getting bigger and bigger, and the traveler wrapped his coat closer to his body.The sun came out and the traveler quickly took off his coat.How does wind affect you?Some people like the wind.
some people don't like the wind.
I personally feel that the wind is annoying me,I don't like the feeling of being pushed off by people (especially when I try to push the putter I want to stay still and hit the ball gently along the line!).If there is a lot of wind, I think it is fighting me;It disturbed my peace and tranquility and, in a sense, prevented my peace.I know this is not the point of Aesop's fable,This has to do with kindness that affects more than severity.
But even in this parable, the wind is depicted as harsh and negative, while the sun represents kindness and positivity.We use many terms in our daily language that reflect our instinctive responses to the psychological effects of weather on us.We say "He is a warm person" or "She is a cold person", "I feel very bright today" or "I feel very dull today ", or we may observe that a person is "causing a storm ".
These are just a few examples of how we recognize that weather has an intrinsic effect on us.For most of us, we can't do anything about the weather conditions we live in.We can go on vacation when we can;If we have the necessary resources, whether it's time or money, we can "go to the Sun Tour" to get winter holidays.
But what would you do if you were stuck in a dark, wet, windy place and could not escape?How do you lift your mood and your spirit to offset the instinctive effects of the weather on your mind?Many sad people use light boxes.This is one thing you can do.Others focus on exercising to boost their spirits and release the inner endorph to boost their well-being --being.Some people eat their favorite food or go to the movies or watch comedy.
In fact, there are many things you can do to help you feel brighter.The simplest thing is to use your imagination and let yourself drift mentally towards a warm and sunny place.With the help of self-hypnosis mp3 download, this is very effective and easy to do.
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