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Few people don't like the natural movement of watching the ocean.This is a vision that is always moving and changing, presenting an amazing discord color to the audience.Blue, green, turquoise and gray blend together in this wonderful body of endless seamless movement.
Sometimes the water sparkles in front of your eyes and seems to be dancing.It is brilliant, amazing and awesome.The View and sound of the ocean can arouse many different emotions.It can sometimes create a sense of peace and tranquility, but in the same way, the ocean has the ability to reveal the feelings of uneasiness and anger.
The flow and change of water presents us with many different faces, some of which may be emotional and others may be daunting.The ocean can be regarded as a prison by some people, or as a delicious freedom by others.But for some, water causes a great, instinctive fear and anxiety.
Water does not stand still.
If you have ever observed a drop of water balance on the leaves, you will know that it will eventually cause the leaves to bend under weight.It's moving again.This may be one of the reasons for fear of water or swimming;Water does not stand still.In this sense, this is unpredictable.Perhaps another reason is all the wrapping force of the water body;In contrast, it looks so powerful that one feels weak and vulnerable.
Some people just have bad experiences in the water or their fears may not be about water but about sinking or not being able to breathe.Of course, the pool is not as daunting as the vast ocean of nature and unpredictable.You know exactly where the bottom is and what it is made;You can even see the bottom all the way.
You can touch the bottom with your feet while keeping your head above the surface.You also know that the human body has a natural tendency to float.But all of this does not help alleviate the emotions that people who are afraid of water or are afraid of swimming can produce.
We all know that we should have a healthy respect for water, but we also know that there is no need to be afraid of water in the pool.There are no raging waves and dangerous currents, and there is no surprising depth change.So this fear anxiety is considered illogical and very annoying and frustrating.
Somewhere in your mind must be creating this "Miss"Tips for emotional reactions.Hypnosis is very convenient in helping people overcome their fear of water and gain confidence in swimming, as it provides access to work inside the brain.With the help of hypnosis, a little bit of rewiring, you will find that more comfortable emotions will be triggered and your fear of swimming will be overcome.
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