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Tolerance has become a relatively scarce commodity in today's world.In fact, it can be said that there is a lot of intolerance.But, as with anything, it depends on the specific situation or area in which the concept is applied.
In many ways, we are more tolerant than ever before.Everything seems to be in a cycle.My mother is commenting on the way the "British Empire" crashed, how it used to expand so dramatically and now so small.Maybe, I say, this is just a question of how the world is rebuilt naturally.
Balance?If one country has too much and the other has too little, it will be inevitable to change this imbalance.The only problem is that the environment can move from one extreme to the other, rather than finding a medium for happiness.It is easy for a tolerant community to become unforgiving and vice versa.
Of course, every community is made up of individuals.When each of us is trying to find a balance, the whole community is in the same state.Self-confidence is the personal quality that each of us should strive to pursue, because it represents a state of balance.
It is in the middle, between aggressive or passive extremes.We know what kind of damage aggression can do to personal life and the world as a whole.Attacks, like other negative emotions, will never really benefit.
Aggression is a manifestation of dominance, a lack of respect for others, and a total lack of consideration for the feelings or rights of others.On the other hand, being too passive is too focused on the views of others, too often trying to please others, too easy to be controlled.We need to be able to put ourselves in the position of others, but at the same time we can maintain our views.
I remember being asked to take something out of my closet when I was a child.I was told that it was in the left hand cupboard of the said closet.So I ran to the bedroom and looked at the wardrobe and turned to face the room so that my back went back to the door of the wardrobe, and that's it, I knew that the left door of the wardrobe was next to my left arm.
I was still very young at the time, but you can see here an example of instinct to look at the world from the perspective of another person;Yes, I am a passive temperament. I like to please others!Yes, I have to train myself to become more confident.A friend has only commented in the past week or so, and I am still too tolerant in her opinion;She might make sense, but I think I found a medium that suits me.
A too-Passive people tend to spend too much time trying to please themselves so that you don't see your point of view and you don't value your likes and dislikes anymore ...... You no longer respect yourself and yourself.esteem dips.You have also become an easy target.Aggressive people who are firmly focused on their goals and ideals.
Self-Respect and SelfRespect is a weapon against passivity and aggression.Learn to build your own self for a passive personRespect allows them to pay more attention to their thoughts, beliefs and desires.When you respect yourself, you instinctively "ask" others to respect you as well.
This means that you are no longer an "easy target" that is vulnerable to invaders ".You make it harder for aggressive people to be aggressive.When a positive person builds a greater selfRespect and SelfRespect the way they find better ways to deal with the environment they wish to change;Perhaps they will also find that the changes they have sought are no longer so worrying.
We look at the world around us from the perspective of our own thoughts, beliefs and expectations...and self-Respect or lack of respect is at the root of everything.Rosanna Leyton, expert in self-confidence hypnosis mp3Respect and balance in life.
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