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Most people have seen stage hypnosis performances now;You 've seen people giggle like chickens, or be sure they're superstars, or they're walking on the moon.You 've seen people suddenly forget their names or treat their shoes as dogs.You 've seen that people don't seem to notice what's going on with them, just go through their arms with a needle.
It all seems rather incredible to the Observer, a little scary;But on the other hand, it is encouraging.You start asking yourself if hypnosis can make you lose weight, quit smoking, or overcome shyness.Of course, these must be simple feats compared to some of the antics seen on the stage?It was really inspiring to watch the performance of the hypnotist on the stage.
You can see directly the breadth of the possibilities that hypnosis opens up for you.Hypnosis lets you see different things.Hypnosis changes your expectationsNo matter what you expect to happen, there is a strong tendency to achieve.Hypnosis inspires a person in many different ways.
It can help you have a "light bulb moment" and really see things in different light.If it's not inspiring, what is it?Do you know how annoying it is when you forget a name and you feel it should be on the tip of your tongue, but the name refuses to show up?A few minutes later, you gave up the pursuit of memory, and 30 minutes later, you discovered that the elusive name suddenly appeared in your mind.This is a clear example of how well your brain responds to suggestions.
You said to yourself, "What's that name?\ "The name is still hidden in your consciousness when you feel depressed and nervous;But once you relax, it pops up in your mind as if it came out of nowhere.You know that you have consciously given up (in frustration aversion), so the name must have come up from different parts of your mind --Your subconscious mind.You did see it, didn't you?As long as you give your subconscious a clear indication and then stop the interference of your conscious mind, your subconscious mind is very good at solving problems.
That's what hypnosis does.
Hypnosis provides a state of mind that is naturally designed to solve problems and be creative.This is also truly inspiring.Hypnosis works as long as you allow it.People are often tempted to interfere with the process, and they actually need to get out of their way.Did you sit on your computer and click on a tab and find no immediate response?Then you click on the same tab two or three times in a row, and then try a few different keys, resulting in a bunch of different screens, or is your computer "locked?You later found out that if you wait another three seconds, your computer will do what you originally asked?Your computer does reflect how your brain works.
It works in its own time, and when it is given too many or opposite instructions, it gets confused or locked.But if your instructions are clear and you don't knock every button impatiently, your computer will miraculously do what you want it to do.As long as you program your computer correctly and give clear instructions, it will solve incredibly difficult problems and create amazing images.
So is your mind.
If you run the wrong program on your computer, you will not be able to implement what you want.Hypnosis can change the program quickly and easily and inspire you to realize your dreams.Hypnosis expert Rosanna Leyton gives you inspiration.
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