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Intelligence is a process of learning, not something you are born.Like me, you will undoubtedly hear such words (or you have such ideas yourself), which are naturally smart, gifted or intelligent.But intelligence is still something that must be cultivated.
The act of acquiring knowledge is a process that we can all learn.Intelligence is the product of observation, interest, enthusiasm, contact with things, personal efforts, and of course, it also includes factors of luck.I say "of course" about luck, though you may not agree with me.
You may prefer different terms and think from the perspective of things that should or should not have been.But for the sake of this short exercise, I will use the word luck.In terms of where you are, who you meet, what you are exposed to in the natural environment, Luck enters the equation.
Where were you born, who were your parents, and when you were born, the people you came into contact with all played a huge role in your way of collecting intelligence.For example, if you were born in Silicon Valley, you will inevitably have more exposure to IT culture and startups than you were born in southwest Ireland.This is the fact of life.You may be born when you are depressed, or you may be born when you are expanding, and these situations will also have a huge impact on your environment of learning and collecting intelligence.
The main point I want to say is that you can always learn more and become "smarter" by exposing your brain to different things ".Being curious and interested in the world around you is the key to this process.Believe that your ability to learn new things is another key.
No one should allow themselves to think they are slow or lack of wisdom.Learning is a process, a process that can be learned!Believing that you are a successful person is an inevitable part of believing in your wisdom.The two men held hands.Hypnosis can be a very useful help to open your mind to learn, selfFaith and success.
It can be used to help you overcome psychological barriers and false beliefs about your level of intelligence and ability.Rosanna Leton, expert in success and happiness hypnosis mp3.P.S.Now get a free hypnotized mp3 from my website and learn how to turn your mind on to success.
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