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This is a question that is only asked when one has two ideas about something.If you really think the grass is greener, you either have skipped the fence and run around, or you will ask a different question, it may be asking how you will deal with hurting someone, dealing with guilt or something related to an actual obstacle.I'm not sure if I explain it there.If you really, really think that the grass in other places is greener, you will move the world to get there;You don't hesitate on the fence and say, "Annie-Meany-Miny-"Or wondering if you want to throw a coin to make some kind of reliable decision.
Or, you will retreat and stand firmly on the side of the fence and tell yourself all the reasons why you are rooted in that place, even though you find something very attractive on the other side of the fence.When you find yourself in a situation of two mindset, it is important to realize that you have to ask yourself a lot of questions.Soul exploration is needed.In fact, the problem is that you don't know what you want or why you want it.
There is a moment when a reliable foundation of familiarity will appeal to you, but the next moment, unknown excitement will suddenly occupy the extreme position in your mind.Once you realize that the problem is more about not knowing what you want, then you can start asking yourself why you don't?What are your goals in life?What do you want to feel and achieve in your work?What is most important to you in a relationship?What qualities do you really want to see in another person?Maybe it would be helpful to write a list of what you like, what you think you like, and what you don't like;From there you can develop a scoring system to understand what is most important to you and what is least important.The truth is, you need to know yourself.Who the hell are you?What exactly do you want?What is your goal?You often find that your logical thinking is inconsistent with your emotions.
This is of course another way you are in two minds.Somehow it is your responsibility to find a way to reconcile your logical thoughts and your emotions.Only when your thoughts come from the heart can you be happy.
Being half-The heart will not let you go far.If you have two ideas about something, or you have half the feeling --Kind-hearted, the questions you need to ask yourself usually start with why."Why" helps you get to the heart of things.
Why do you think so?Why do you like this?But don't stop halfway-Continue to ask "why" until no more stones are opened.Be careful of easy choices;I don't know the answer.This is not an answer;it\'s a cop-It's just an excuse that prevents you from moving on, growing up as a person and being happy in your life.
If you are ready to grow and take control of your life as a person, rather than hesitating on the fence, it is time to start asking yourself "why.Sometimes, however, a person is not ready to do so, in which case the thing to do is to relax and enjoy the moment.Hypnosis is a great tool to help you find your soul and to coordinate logical thinking with instinctive emotions.
Hypnosis can also help you identify potential beliefs and expectations and have a positive impact on beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.Rosanna Leyton, hypnosis expertbeing.P.S.Why not download a free hypnosis download from my website and how easy it is to find your own tutor in your life now?
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