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It seems that more and more people, both teenagers and adults, are not satisfied with their looks.I noticed that many parents were shocked when they found out that their teenage son or daughter did not like their looks at all.People can't help but ask why it seems more and more important to our own feelings over the years.
Why is it so stressed that it looks perfect, not trying to do the best in all aspects?Of course, your self-consciousness should be based on your achievements, talents, skills, "good", morality, loyalty, trust, caring and loving nature as a person, etc, just like what you look like?We see that pop stars and movie stars look perfect.But it must be different for them?A large part of their work depends on good looking.So it makes sense that they will observe what they eat, follow a strict exercise system, and seriously consider cosmetic surgery.
We also see that top athletes look good, but here, following a specific diet and exercise regime is part of their work.Inevitably, these celebrities (pop singers, movie stars, athletes) are very charming and have an amazing lifestyle in the eyes of the rest of us.It is also the media that almost people pay attention.
However, these people do not reach where they are based solely on their looks;They worked very hard to get to the top of the game.It's not true that no one has worked harder than others to get to the top.To reach the top and succeed, you must make the most of everything you have.
You must work hard and seize the opportunity.If you look amazing, some doors may open to you faster;But the opposite is true.Other doors may also be less open to you.The truth is that self-confidence comes in part from a balanced attitude rather than overemphasis on one's appearance.
Even if you change how you look (through cosmetic surgery, etc), it doesn't necessarily mean that you will prefer yourself.In fact, it is well known that the biggest failure of cosmetic surgery is that patients are not adjusted and satisfied with their new look.If you want to like your appearance better, first look in your own mind to see if your attitude reflects balance.
How high are the priorities for you, should they really be so important?Do you compare yourself to other people or jobs that are in a similar position to you depending on what they look like?Why don't you see yourself as a unique person and love the difference between you and others?Like your appearance is actually just like the external performance of yourself as a person.By focusing on your appearance and superficial appearance, you will take your attention away from things that really help you enjoy yourself better.The real love for yourself comes from a deeper level of your personality than from your appearance.
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