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What can't you say no?Some people can't say no to chocolate, while others can't say no, even if the other person asks them to do something that is beyond their normal duties.These are two very different situations.The first example is that a person wants something of their own and can't stop themselves even if they think it might be bad for them.The latter is a situation in which the desire to please others overpowers a person's feeling of being right or fair to himself.
While these examples are very different, there is a possibility that in both cases it is not possible to say "no" than just a little bit of selfdestructive.When you know you should say no, but you can't seem to do so, there is a clear conflict between your logical thinking and your emotional response.You give in to your emotional side when you say yes instead of No.
You should say no to chocolate, but you want it.You should say no to this request, but you want to please, or you are afraid that you will not please.In order for yourself to say no, you must learn how to align your emotions with your logical and intellectual mind.
So people have to ask why you want chocolate or why you want to please.The answers you get may not be absolutely complete, in which case you need to keep asking yourself "why "...?\ "Another step in learning to say no is to look for alternative ways that you may think will help align your emotions with your logical thinking.
For example, in overcoming your desire for chocolate, you can ask yourself to imagine saying no, how good you will be to yourself, or when you put on your favorite jeans, how wonderful you will be.In this way, you begin to feel a feeling of pride that is not related to saying to chocolate, not a feeling of loss and want.Imagine the next time you say no to someone who asks you to do something unreasonable, how self-esteem you will have.
In your mind, you will see yourself saying "No, I'm sorry, I won't do this" calmly and firmly ";Note how everyone respects you more due to your response.Again, it's easy to start connecting positive and powerful emotions with old feelings of saying "no" or those fears.By choosing to think in this way, you can easily align your emotions with your logical thinking and overcome old conflicts so that you can easily say no.
As a result, you can see that learning to say does not involve more than one step;But with the help of hypnosis, the task can become much easier.Through hypnosis, you can easily enter your subconscious, where you can quickly embed new thought processes that will trigger strong and positive emotions and behaviors.With the help of hypnosis, you can learn to be more confident and easier to say no.
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