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When you're off, a feeling is enhanced by giving others more attention and attention.In language, you often hear phrases of one kind or another.A beautiful painting may evoke a whole set of sounds and visual pleasure in you, resulting in a suggestion to "listen with your eyes.
Again, you may be encouraged to "look with your ears" when you listen to music ".In addition to seeing and hearing what our eyes and ears really feel, we also see and hear a series of pictures and sounds that are produced in our minds.We are creating all kinds of pictures, sounds and movies every day that are played in our minds and that others can neither see nor hear.
Our imagination is a wonderful thing.
The ability to imagine and imagine is inherent to us.Fear stems from imagining something that is considered negative.Horror movies trigger us with dramatic music and scenes.
the imagination of the audience is far more than we actually see.If we do not have imagination, all we will see is the outline of the TV and every snapshot that is played on the screen;Everything we feel is based on what happens in the movie, and there is no concept of fear expected.Many people don't think they have a good imagination.
In fact, this is extremely impossible.
Maybe they can't imagine what they want to imagine.This is very possible.Maybe they don't really see things visually either, but they hear or feel things.We all have the basic ability to imagine things.
The power of imagination is indeed amazing, though not all of us develop and direct this innate ability to the greatest advantage.I suspect this is unintentional because anyone who is aware of the potential benefits of concentrating their imagination will do so, as long as they know how to do so.Listening to stories as a child may be the first training of our brains to use imagination.
Since then, there have been many different ways of using our imagination.Watching movies and listening to music are everyday factors that stimulate people's imagination.We know that wearing headphones adds extra attention when listening to music, which increases emotional response.
Watch movies like Avatar in 3-D also added another focus.These enhancements have helped people's imagination and emotional responses.Your imagination is easy to trigger and guide as long as you want.
Another way people can add extra focus and thus increase the effect is to use hypnosis.When using hypnosis, you will eliminate outside interference and be more focused on your inner senses;It's almost like you're wearing headphones and 3-D glasses, hone your ability to focus and imagine.So with hypnosis, you can quickly train your brain to imagine more easily and more clearly.
When one realizes that imagination is more important than knowledge (which Einstein has raised in many other ways), you will also see the real value that hypnosis provides.Rosanna Leton, self-expertSuccessful download of hypnotized mp3.P.S.Learn how to guide your attention through hypnosis.
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