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Getting used to saying "sorry" is something we are usually taught as a child as we grow up.Some people learn faster than others!Having to say that you are sorry, this is basically a verbal acknowledgment of your mistakes in something or something.Most of us do not like to be considered wrong;This is a bit against the grain.
Human beings, who often seek social recognition, are considered wrong, which is contrary to this basic instinctive need.As a child, you will be relieved when you first learn that you can say sorry without subsequent loss of social recognition.You also know that you may be wrong, but you are still loved and liked.
In fact, you usually learn that you get more recognition despite the act of saying "sorry.You are given the due respect of "being a man" and admit that you are wrong.A child with a tendency to highlight "naughty" does not have to say that he or she will soon learn to say that he or she is sorry and will learn how to attract them out of trouble.
They understand that social recognition does not necessarily come from being always right, and that their self-awareness does not depend on their behavior or what they do.They know that they are still loved and loved, whether they are naughty or kind.On the other hand, a child who mainly tries to be kind and please parents or adults will become less naughty.
They were afraid of being wrong.
They are afraid to be told that they hate to admit that they are wrong;Having to say "sorry" is really a very annoying thing.Their self-awareness will also be largely dependent on their actions and achievements, not on other intrinsic qualities.Subconscious may worry that they will no longer be loved if they are naughty or bad.
This can trigger a lifetime cycle of impact.The desire to please and do a good job makes the child work harder and try to achieve more.The more they achieve, the more they expect, although they may think that the more others expect from them.
They rarely encounter situations where they need to say "sorry", so they will never learn to be comfortable in this situation.The child is likely to be a very successful adult and looks very safe and comfortable in their world.But under this exterior, it is likely that there is also a little child who is worried that saying "sorry" will threaten their sense of social recognition or show signs of weakness.
Real confidence must be built from.
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