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Fast weight loss;Is it good or bad for you?Some recent studies published by the University of Florida suggest that those who lose weight faster in the first phase of their weight loss program tend to lose more weight overall, and are more successful in keeping these weights down over time.It is believed that this is because the direct result of rapid weight loss reinforces the fact that your new habits/lifestyle changes will work and therefore deserve to continue.This study on fast weight loss is very meaningful.
I know, we tend to think that losing weight more slowly is the healthiest way to get this fairly unpopular task done.But only when you lose weight will this be the case;If you lose weight so slowly that you don't notice it and don't feel better, what keeps you "working?Why bother?You have to experience the benefits from looking slimmer and feeling better in order to be able to strengthen your new behavior, eating habits or lifestyle.When you read the last paragraph, did your feelings resonate with what I said?I describe weight loss as an "unpopular" task that requires "work.
Now, if you seem to have done nothing, you 've noticed that you have more energy, and you feel, hum, not so bloated, what's the difference?You will feel great, you will feel great, you will think it is easy to lose weight, will you not?;In contrast, losing weight now seems like an escape!You may even start to like your new eating habits and lifestyle as it makes you feel good;Not only that, weight loss doesn't seem like work.With this instant feedback and positive reinforcement, you can see that it will become easier to continue doing what you have already started doing and to lose weight and keep it weight longer term.It can be seen that losing weight so quickly is more likely to motivate you to continue your diet and lose extra weight.
Of course, it all depends on the self.
Beliefs and expectations.
If you think something will succeed and you believe in it, you will find it a lot easier.The successful attitude of losing weight at the beginning can make you pass;When you experience the benefits of slimming, the benefits themselves encourage you to continue to lose weight.Whatever weight loss plan you choose to follow, whether it's for quick weight loss or a more gentle approach, these principles apply.
It is important to open your heart and let yourself fully expect to lose weight and consider the relevant benefits.Imagine how good you feel when you can wear anything you might like --Tight jeans, fitted tops, shorts, swimsuits, etc.Imagine how great it would be to not have to think about food all the time, just eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full.
These are the feelings you love to embrace.You will not "hate" these feelings;They are not "jobs ".These feelings provide you with a real motivation to continue and lose weight easily.
No matter what weight loss plan you choose to follow, your idea determines whether it is easy or difficult to lose weight.Whether it's a quick weight loss or a slow and gentle plan, you have to decide first.Hypnotized download expert Rosanna Leiden lets your mind unfold around weight loss.
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