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Do you sometimes feel that your goals are a little too conservative?Or maybe you always find that you overestimate your potential and set the threshold a little too high?If you find that you always set goals too high or too low, then this will indicate that you can adjust your goal setting strategy.Inevitably, it is worth keeping your expectations on hold sometimes, while at other times you need to set the bar higher in order to focus your attention and improve your game.Most of us appreciate the wisdom of setting high standards and goals.
You don't usually get it if you don't try.But there are exceptions to this rule.It is possible to bite off rather than chew, and if you do it over and over again it will convince you that you can't do anything.Ideally, the goal should be "a little more realistic ".
If you don't have more effort, you don't have a chance to reach your maximum potential.But if you set yourself a goal that is far beyond the standard, you will almost certainly be prepared for failure.Let's apply this concept of goal setting to golf competitions.
I like to take golf as an example, because this game provides a lot of lessons for players about life.Each target should be broken down into a block of mouth size;Pieces that you can digest without difficulty.In golf, you will see that many beginners try more advanced shots that players will know are almost impossible.
Often, as golfers progress, they adjust their game strategy and make mistakes more often on the side of a conservative game.But you will see a golfer in his hand with a club they are not comfortable.When they don't know how to control them, they will take their 3 pieces of wood out of the bag, and the capricious direction of their balls flying is the source of frustration, their disappointment and failure.
In contrast, a golfer with more realistic expectations based on known abilities, using their 7 th iron and playing a few times in the middle of the fairway can be much better.In fact, you will often see at the golf club that a more senior player is the most stable and often wins golf.Senior players have the reputation of hitting the ball in the middle road;A short shot, but in the middle.
Their expectations of themselves are realistic, and they know that they no longer have the muscles of young people.Their expectations are consistent with their abilities and they often experience success.They don't fail by trying an inappropriate club or shooting.
However, in the life of golfers, it is very important when to set the bar higher.When you already have a fair amount of control over the club and have the ability to hit the ball directly on a reasonably consistent basis, you have reached the right time to release your dreams.This is your goal, when your expectations and your spiritual focus will lead your game and take it to the highest level.
You have to adjust your attention with your mind, become more creative in shooting and find a way to win.If you don't use your mind to lead your golf, you will hit the ball at random, sometimes with good luck, and sometimes you won't.In fact, these veteran golfers are still using their minds to lead their golf.
They play golf within their physical abilities and focus on golf ...... And win the game because young golfers don't make the most of their minds as they might!Roseanna Leaton is an avid golfer, an expert in golf hypnosis mp3, and author of the golf spirit training system
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