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I watched the movie "My sister's Watchman" yesterday.This is a great movie that pulls your heartstrings away.I'm really glad we saw the movie at home instead of going to the cinema;I use more paper towels than I deserve!The film raises questions about death and what happens next.
Will you meet in the afterlife?What happens?Of course, we are not sure, but many of us do have a real feeling that life is more important than the life we live now.When my father died, the first time I thought about it was in my teens.Until then, I really don't think the subject of spirituality is the most important thing in my mind.
Usually only when a person faces death in your own intimate environment will you begin to think about your spiritual nature.When my father died, a family friend came to see me and introduced me to various theories about the soul crossing the cycle of life and death.The gentleman was sure that he and I were twin souls, and since then until recently he knew what had happened in my life and in my more secret thoughts.
I remember we had a conversation and he tried to guide me.I always felt that I had let him down, and I had let "us" down;I should want to know more about his life and thoughts.I tried to do this in several different ways but never really "got there ".
I find this very frustrating because I am a "believer" so I still do it.I hope to know and see things more clearly.I would love to have more understanding.Sometimes I have very clear moments;I saw very clear information and felt a welcome guide and wonderful support from my spiritual mentor.
At other times, I feel blind and deaf;I felt like I was off track and didn't quite know how to get back to that frequency.Today, when I was told this gentleman, my twin soul, came to life a month ago, this feeling of frustration and helplessness came back to me powerfully.I don't feel it.Shouldn't I do that?Or is this proof of my lack of understanding, or am I on the wrong wavelength?I'm sure he will know if the characters are swapped.
Today, I feel clearly that I have been told something.I think "something" is that I should try harder to get back to that frequency;I should look a little deeper and work a little harder and it will bring a greater understanding to do so.I don't believe in pure cooperation.incidence.Yesterday I watched the movie. today I asked a friend to give me the title of a short article.
she replied, "How about soul exploration ?"?And then I found out about Jack.I am sure there are a lot of people sharing these ideas and similar setbacks.Although we often ignore or deny our spiritual essence, we realize it in our hearts.
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