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Some people are really hard on themselves.As long as the results are effective, this is OK.In most cases, however, the effect of being tough on yourself is quite negative, as it may lower people's confidence.
Incentive at the same time.
A handful of people responded well to overly difficult self-checks and found that it motivated them to improve creativity and productivity, but it would be because their hard approach would bring something more positive.I think the easiest way to explain why this negative spiral is the norm is to check the effect of one's thoughts.If you think that negative thoughts are transmitting a negative energy, then you will understand that this energy is an energy that limits and pulls back;In contrast, positive thoughts transmit a positive energy that is inflated and pushes one forward.
Being tough on yourself usually delivers negative energy, which is more likely to pull you to the ground than creating a "wind under wings.On a strange occasion, a very difficult negative energy can aggravate you and frustrate you enough to motivate you to stand up, but this is often an exception.I find it helpful to think about these energies in a more intuitive way.
I definitely feel negative energy like a fog.Just like the cloud, in addition to the chain, it can bypass your ankles, thus sweeping your feet from under you.Negative energy has the ability to derail you.
In contrast, positive energy is light and shining;It shines like the full moon lights up the landscape, or a beautiful star where you can not only see where you are, but also plan your future safely.For me, positive and negative are light and darkness, empowerment and restriction, good and bad, rich and poor, love and hate.It is absolutely wonderful that everyone has the ability to choose their own ideas.
We don't need to think about negative, restrictive, poor, or hateful ideas.No matter what happens in the world around us, we can think about anything we want in the way we want it.However, sometimes we may find it challenging to respond to events in a positive, relaxed and shiny way.
When this happens, we may need to dig deep into our heads and find a hook that we can throw on and pull up.Hypnosis is such a hook, probably the strongest of all hooks.Hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind, which is part of your brain and which automatically acts spontaneously.
If you find that your instinct is to be tough on yourself, hypnosis will allow you to enter the part of your brain that triggers this natural response.Through hypnosis, you can re-train your mind to me more naturally, positively and more motivated.You can learn to stop punishing yourself and become more positive with the help of hypnosis.
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