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When you spend your time in different places, you will know a lot about their different cultures.When I first returned to England from the United States, I was once again hit by constant swearing.It seems that swearing is used more often than punctuation.
Many Americans see the British as a microcosm of the use of the word "bloody one" or "bloody one.I have to say that this view is out of date.I hope this is the only dirty word to use!I came to the local store five minutes walk yesterday and I can assure you that my ears were attacked by a colorful dirty word.
Not only that, the voice was loud, the attitude of the people walking together was arrogant, and they showed total disrespect to anyone nearby.Why do so many Brits think that swearing is not only cool, but seems to think it's normal and "The way to the future "?I just don't understand ".The more attacks my ears and feelings get, the less I like it.
I have to admit that I think this is an extreme manifestation of total ignorance.I'm not a serious man.I am not completely against swearing.But let's face it. most things have time and place. swearing should not be an exception.The only way a community can survive is to have a foundation for mutual respect.We abide by some rules, some of which are written and some of which are unwritten.
The same is true of community spirit when these rules are broken.We believe in freedom of speech and choice, but do not believe in its domination of others or the extent to which they enjoy their lives.Therefore, in the concept of freedom of expression, most of us are always willing to compromise out of respect for others.
We might like some type of music, but we know that playing music at the highest volume is unfair to our neighbors in the case of opening the window at midnight.As we all know, we can do a lot of things as we like in closed doors, but in public, our behavior may need some adaptation.So why do people who swear in a chronic way in public think it's okay?They really don't know what others might think is abuse.
Why are you deliberately abusing others and those who have done nothing to provoke this disrespect?It seems that the swearing has "normalized" in Britain, which is a great shame.We saw it on TV, we heard it on the street, and many children were raised by it at home.But when you leave, spend some time in a different culture, and then come back, you really notice the effect of swearing on you.
Sometimes I have to admit that I feel very embarrassed as an Englishman.Roseanna Lipton, the happiness and hypnosis experts downloadAnd the help of stopping swearing.P.S.Learn how to focus your attention through hypnosis.
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