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There will always be many moments in the golf open where you will come back and smile.As usual, Tom Watson made a lot of people smile during the four days of the Royal St. George's open 2011.The weather in the UK is as bad as possible and is almost what we expect from the linked course conditions.
The wind is evil, and there are enough rain-like needles added to the mixture to make sure the athletes and the audience are well aware of the number of times they change clothes or try to control their frivolous umbrellas.While it is difficult for many young players to maintain a smile or control over golf in this situation, Tom Watson does not seem to be affected at all.In fact, he even seems to have a good time outside.
He himself said that he may have a natural advantage due to age.No matter whether it's windy or not, he can no longer try to "kill the ball" and hit a consistent and stable shot.When you hit the ball easily, it has a lower flight speed and is less affected by the wind.
As a result, the tune "blows into the breeze easily ".On Saturday morning, Tom Watson took 72 photos under terrible conditions, when the average shooting time was almost 77 of his peers who played at similar times.He kept smiling all the time, while many others did not.
He knows that his score won't make him compete for the lead, but he still enjoys it and has never been less.We can learn a lot from this veteran of golf.During the week, everyone knows that it will be his attitude to decide the winner.
The same goes for Darren Clark, who continues to win.In these four days, he almost came to the competition with a big smile.Links golf gives players different shots.Both weather and lessons push players to the limits of course management, tolerance, and creativity.
When you stand firm in the wind, you will also broaden your mind and become stronger and more creative.You have to dig deeper to produce and compete in the face of the Golf Challenge.Your attitude comes first.Your attitude determines your golf.Tom Watson and Darren Clark both showed us the power to treat the game with your head in a good place.
Roseanna Leaton is an avid golfer, an expert in spirit golf mp3, and author of the golf spirit training system.P.S.Learn how to strengthen your awareness of golf, cope with the pressure of the game and win more golf games.Look at my website now
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