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From time to time we all suffer because of a feeling of laziness;Lack the desire to do what we know we should.You may not have the motivation to exercise, study and work, or even get up in the morning.But in fact, the only key to getting yourself motivated is to apply absolutely to everything.
You will notice that I said "we know what we should do ";I didn't say "what we want to do or like to do ".Motivation is a feeling;Willingness and desire to do something.Motivation is not something that "does" or has no feelings.
There is a "heart" of motivation ".
If you do something with all your heart, then you have no difficulty in being motivated, do you?It's all about doing something, looking forward to it and being passionate about it.In fact, enthusiasm and motivation go hand in hand.To be motivated, you must feel passionate no matter what.
Passion comes from the Greek word, meaning "God ".It also means that you need to have faith to be passionate and motivated.You must believe that it is worth it, believe that it will work, and believe that you will achieve whatever you want.
Let's exercise our motivation, for example.Some people like sports, they live for sports, or any kind of sports they do.Others put off their exercise, explaining over and over again why they don't have time or just don't have time to do it.
What's the difference between these people?People who love sports and sports like to do this!People who do not have the motivation to exercise do not like to exercise;Instead, they see this as a terrible necessity.To be motivated to do anything, you must learn how to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective;An angle that evokes different feelingsEmotions of love, passion, desire and belief.You must learn to see the benefits you want to see from your mind.
When you see these benefits clearly, you will believe that you will succeed.This expected success provides you with the enthusiasm and motivation you can't feel before.So whenever you feel sluggish, negative, or lack of motivation, all you need to do is stop for a while;Stop and take a step back, and when you become an observer of your thoughts, you can guide your thoughts to think about things in different ways.
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