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Thinking in a healthy way will help a person to have a healthier physiology, which is not a new concept.Far from it;It is the core of ancient tradition.Our bodies reflect the sum of our thoughts and experiences, as well as our genetic inheritance.
The other day, when I was talking to an experienced masseur, I remembered the fact.We discuss the prevalence of back problems in the world today, many of which have to do with sitting in bad or inappropriate positions for too long.The patient will go to the appointment and desperately look for a quick treatment for back problems.
They want a solution and they want it quickly.Few of them are willing to study the causes of their problems.They may think they are willing, but on the surface they may have a contradictory feeling about the whole problem.
What does contradictory psychology mean?They may think that there is nothing they can do to change their posture.They may not want to stop doing something that puts pressure on their bodies.They may not be willing to take the time for compensatory exercise and stretching.
They may not want to compensate for what they like to do as the cause of their problems.When a person is willing to look at the question of cause and effect, he will ask what caused the question.As pointed out by this special masseur, there is a single reason that is highly unlikely or almost impossible.
The combination of all these factors will lead to current physical discomfort.In fact, he is talking more about purely physical reasons, such as bad posture when playing golf while working on a computer or not stretching first.It makes me think about the fact that, in terms of thought and attitude, people are less likely to seek their reasons.
What mental changes can be initiated to help a more flexible physiological experience?Your mind and body are inevitably connected.Mental processes have an inevitable effect on your body, just as physical pain has a knock-on effect on your mental state and emotional balance.You hear people say "This pain is tormenting me", but you rarely hear people comment that their attitude has any effect on their physical health.
It's worth thinking about this kind of interaction between the body and mind, see what you can do to help create the best possible health, and see how you can use your mind to heal your body.There are several ways you can do this.Self-hypnosis is one of the most effective methods.Hypnotized mp3 download expert Rosanna Leton for health and happiness.
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