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Urinary system infections are defined as bacterial infections in any part of the urinary system.According to statistics, women are 10 times more at risk for the disease than men, and at least 50% of women have a urinary tract infection at least once in their lifetime. who have sex with multiple partners face a higher risk of urinary tract infection due to sexually transmitted diseases and bacterial invasion, according to a study of 468 women who use University of Michigan medical services due to urinary symptoms, A questionnaire survey was completed on medical history, stress, clothing, diet, sexual behavior and contraceptive methods in the first 4 weeks.
1484 potential health service controllers without urinary symptoms were selected, as well as 115 studentspopulation -Control-based researchers, released by the University of Michigan School of Public Health at postgraduate entrance examination, found that UTIs increased significantly as the frequency of sexual intercourse increased.2.Study on "urinary system infection" according to Brill JR. Litza JAThe researchers published on the postgraduate entrance examination pointed out that urinary tract infection (UTI) is the most common urinary system disease and one of the most common diseases consulted by doctors.
Patients with increased risk of UTI include women;diabetics;Immune damage;And those with abnormal anatomy, inmobility, incontinence, advanced age and instruments.Saadeh SA of Mattoo TK.In an article published on the postgraduate entrance examination, the researchers wrote that patients with acute kidney-Meng kidney disease have a risk of kidney scars and subsequent complications, such as high blood pressure, urine protein with or without FSGS, pregnancyRelated complications, even endStage of renal failure4.Bacteria are the main cause of various infections, including urinary system infections.
In a study of urinary tract infections in womenThe main pathogens in complex and not complex UTI are still pathogenic E. coli, despite the Kreber bacteria.In the complex UTI, the frequency of the occurrence of the mutant was increased.Most often, bacteria enter the bladder through the urethra and cause UTIs through the upward route.
Bacteria must have toxic factors that cause UTI.5.Believing or not to use contraceptive methods, such as lubrication condoms, sperm killing cream, or gel with unlubricated condoms, increases the risk of two people contracting the urinary tractEight women.In a case studyA control study on sexual activity of 18-year-old female college students39 years.
The case (N = 144) was the first urinary tract infection woman recruited by the University of Michigan School of Public Health in the student health services department published on the postgraduate entrance examination, the researchers found, the use of unlubricated condoms significantly increased the risk of first urinary tract infection compared to the use of contraceptive methods (ratio = 29.1;95% confidence interval = 3.1-1,335).Use a lubricated condom (with or without a detergent in the lubricant) or a sperm killing cream or gel with an unlubricated condom with two-Increase the risk of first urinary system infection by 8 times.The use of unlubricated condoms is closely related to the risk of the first urinary system infection, but by using an unlubricated condom killing cream or gel or using a lubricated condom, the effect is largely6.
Oral contraceptives can cause fluctuations in hormones and glucose in some women, resulting in urinary tract infections.According to a cohort study, 200 women who chose DMPA contraception compared with 200 women who used the stop-taking method to treat urinary tract infections and urinary system symptoms after 3 months of consumption, chaired by the University of Tarbiat Modarres, published in the postgraduate study, the researchers found that the incidence of urinary tract infection and urinary system symptoms in the study group was higher than that in the control group (p = 0.018, p < 0.0001 respectively ).The most common organism that causes urinary tract infection is E.
Of the 10 cases suffered from UTI in the case group, 6 women also had UTI before pregnancy and concluded that we do not recommend taking depot-Medroprogesterone acetate is used for contraception and is suitable for women who have a history of urinary tract infection in previous pregnancy.7.In a study on "The occurrence of urinary system", tumors and abnormal cell masses can cause UTs obstruction, such as bladder and kidney, thus leading to significant upper urinary tract obstruction in children with urinary tract infection. "Ross's CC, ubanks JM, BC, Heinlen JE, donowambo, Cropp BP, frimbergraves.
The researchers published in the postgraduate study found that our results showed that the incidence of UTI was very low in patients diagnosed with antennas that did not use antibiotics.We conclude that antibiotic prevention is unlikely to be beneficial to most children with grade 3 or grade 4 stagnant kidney water.8.Women who previously had urinary tract infections were at a higher risk of the disease.
According to Remis RS, Gurwith MJ, Gurwith D, Hargrett-study on "risk factors of urinary system infection"Bean NT, Layde PM.Researchers published in the postgraduate study wrote that the history of previous urinary tract infections was much larger in cases than in any control group.9.The immune system protects our bodies from foreign invasion, including bacteria and viruses.
According to "the innate immune response to urinary pathogenic E. coli involves IL-In a mouse model of urinary tract infection in Sivick KE, Schaller MA, Smith SN, Mobley HL released by the postgraduate entrance examination, the researchers concluded that IL-In the bladder of infected mice, there is a role associated with UTI innate immune response, while gammadelta cells appear to be a key source of IL-117A production.Although IL-For the production of protective responses to urological disease E, 17 a seems indispensable.
coli, its importance in innate immunity is demonstrated by the acute clearance defect of urine pathogenic E.coli in IL-17A(-/-) mice.This clearance defect may be the result of a defect in the transcription of cytokines and cytokines, as well as damage to the inflow of macrophages and neutrophils during infection.These results show that IL-Party 17 is a key mediator of innate immune response.
Antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections can also inhibit the immune system, cause bacterial mutations, and increase the risk of urinary system and other infections.According to the study of 349 transplant receptors, 77% received low-dose induction therapyDoses of rabbit anti-t-cell immunoglobulin (rATG) and others were treated with basi lizumab.The researchers found that all patients received a triple immune suppression released by Buffalo General Hospital on the postgraduate entrance examination with sullenol, mildew phenol and prednisone, and 7 patients (2%)Wound infections are more common in obese and elderly patients.
All wound infections are surface infections and respond well to wound drainage and outpatient antibiotic treatment.6 patients (1.7%) urinary tract infection (UTI) occurred within the first month after surgery ).UTIs is more common in patients with stent than in patients without Stent (11.
4% vs 0.
3%, P
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