selenium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Visualizing Your Pain Away

Recent research by scientists at Johns Hopkins University suggests that patients treated with pain cancer can experience pain relief by wrapping themselves around a very simple task with tranquil natural photos.One scene often used in this study is Victoria Falls.I find myself wondering if water helps to imagine.
You often hear meditation and relaxing music with surf sounds in the background.Most people like to look out and see most forms of ocean or water (except for heavy rain!).For many, idyllic holidays may include time to relax under palm trees on the beach while being overwhelmed by the sound of the waves.
The sound, vision and feel of the water are somehow linked to our emotions and cause an automatic response.Perhaps the fact that water is usually not stationary, but constantly moving and changing, somehow it also changes our attention and reaction.I know that I often use analogies related to water and visualization, including water, to help solve many situations, not just those related to pain control.
As a hypnotherapist, I am not alone in this therapeutic application.A large number of studies have been conducted recently to try to test the value of communication with nature as one treatment or another.Green Sports have proved to have a greater beneficial effect on emotional enhancement and self-esteem than other types of sports;When exercising in a natural environment rather than in a concrete jungle, exercise becomes "green ".
You cannot deny the fact that nature often has a soothing effect, whether it is a soothing effect on your emotions, self-esteem, or a soothing effect on pain or physical discomfort.We can spend a lot of time guessing why this is the case.I believe there are many different theories.
But the truth is that nature does have the ability to soothe and relax.If you are not lucky enough to stay outdoors for a while, in the countryside or by the sea, you can at least surround yourself with beautiful landscape pictures, or you can simply imagine these places.Research has shown that your brain responds to visual images in a similar way to the real experience.
So you can see how you imagine your pain.
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