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In different cultures, we inevitably have different traditions. food is a key part of our daily life.There are some cultures that can be forgiven, assuming that there are Christmas traditions similar to each other.But these assumptions may be completely incorrect, as I found out about Christmas eating habits in the UK and the US.
I think it's fair to expect the British or Irish tradition to cross the ocean with immigrants from these countries to come to the United States.However, I soon learned that when I mentioned things like Christmas cake, broken meat pie, etc, most Americans (including Americans of Irish or British origin) looked at me with a blank look, plum pudding and brandy butter.In the United States, it is more common to eat beef on Christmas Day, because Thanksgiving turkey will be eaten on November.
Turkey is the most traditional Christmas meal in Britain.While browsing old family photos, my American husband also asked why my family seemed to be wearing ridiculous paper hats while sitting at the table!Obviously, most Americans are not familiar with our English Christmas cookies!Another interesting "foodie" thing that happened was related to the concept of coffee cake.In the United States, this is a term used to refer to any cake eaten with coffee.
In my opinion, this is a cake with coffee taste.I stumbled upon this anomaly as my husband's family had a coffee cake recipe that they enjoyed every Christmas morning.I asked the recipe when I was planning to do it.
When I started mixing the ingredients together, I told my husband that the recipe must have been incorrect since coffee was not mentioned!I believe that there are more differences between these two cultures and many people like me who like to embark on a journey of exploration.Why these traditional different questions provide food for further interesting discussions and debates on another occasion.In addition to the differences, there are also many similarities in the feast tradition, especially in the amount of food cooked and consumed during the festival.
Maybe one of the questions I should ask is "How much did you eat for Christmas?\ "Almost all the people I talked to mentioned the need to go on a diet after attending quite a few Christmas feasts!I would like to know how many people will target weight loss for the new year?If this is your goal, you may consider hypnosis to help you focus your attention clearly on your goals and make it easier for you to create new eating habits for yourself.Weight loss hypnosis mp3 download expert Rosanna Leton.P.S.Learn how to focus your attention through hypnosis.
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