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Once upon a time, treatment was considered an art.Healing is understood by all as complex interactions between patients, therapists, living communities, plant and animal communities (and insects, rocks and fish), non---communitiesThe living people (such as ancestors, spiritual mentors and prototypes) and the mysterious movements known by so many names: the creator, god/goddess, are all high.Healing art includes a keen understanding of human behavior, a thorough understanding of plants, a talent for dramatic art, especially singing/singing and clothing/body painting, and a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology and Biochemistry(If you think these areas are not art, look at the system used by traditional Chinese practitioners, which includes "organs" such as triple heaters and a dozen different pulses ".
Art does not exclude science or science.
After all, science is just an honest test of thought and the ability to clearly observe causality.The best thing about science is art.Art understands that science is on the side.The brain and art are right.The brain and the whole brain.However, science is not so easy for art.Science regards art as superstition.Science thinks art is vague, soft, no.Replicable and therefore not trusted.(For me, the liberal arts university I attended was very interesting ---UCLA --Students are required to take various science courses, but the Academy of Science I reject-MIT --I don't ask students to learn art.
Science defines itself as fact and art as fantasy.Truly great scientists understand the need to respect intuition and information.But the world is rarely managed by truly great people.
A little bit, the art of healing is denigrate, and the Science of Healing is revered.Therapists spend more and more time interacting with machines, drugs and technology, and less time interacting with patients;There is more and more time to learn books, and there is less and less time to learn the strange, symbolic, provocative power of the mind.Therapists are increasingly focused on repairing patients and drawing less and less on the needs of patients for self, family and community integrity.
The grass pharmacist became a biochemist.
Pharmacists no longer need to understand botany.Herbs are medicines for green coats.The only thing worth mentioning is the active ingredient.Is that what I want?Is this the reason to attract me to herbal medicine?Is this the charm of herbs?My answer to all these questions is absolute.
I admit the usefulness of science, but I insist on the right point of view.The brain's power in the art of healing.I defend their rights.Workers, shaman, witch doctor, old-Wif herbalists, smart women, those who have the skills, personal strength, and courage to generate change ---Large and small, from birth to death, in the middle-In the lives of the people around them.Herbs.Magical plants.Psycho-active plants.Here is a thread that goes back a long time ago.
At least 40,000 years.
They said they didn't talk to us until recently.40,000 years ago, we knew that our ancestors genetically manipulated, hybrid, and hybrid particular psychedelic plants.And use them in treatment.Maria Sabina, one of the most famous shampoo therapists of the 20 th century, walked into the forest as a child and ate psilocybin mushrooms because they talked to her.
She only recovered with the help of "Little People" (mushrooms), who not only healed the body but also the soul.At Amazon, students in herbal medicine and therapy, in addition to human teachers, are also learning from mentally active plants.There have been a lot of recent discussions about active ingredients in plants.
I laughed a lot because product ads claim to have most of this or that ingredient, but were replaced by a statement that found a new, better, and more effective active ingredient.For example, when Consumer Reports show that Kyolic Garlic does not actually have Garlic ("active" ingredients), Kyolic is the opposite of an advertising campaign that claims an advantage because it contains different, stronger active ingredients.For example, most standardized St.John/Joan's wort tinc agent is a standardized product of hyperin.
But the latest research shows that the real active ingredient is hymen!For example: an article published a few years ago in the American Journal of Medicine on the use of ginkgo to fight dementia explains that, at present, there are no active ingredients in the hundreds of components that have been identified. this effect is likely due to complex synergies between parts.However, an article in The New York Times warns readers not to use ginkgo until an active ingredient is determined.
Happened to me: a doctor of medicine who joined me in the menopause group told the audience that none of the herbs is safe unless the active ingredients are measured and standardized.What can I say?For me, the active components of plants are parts that cannot be measured: energy, vitality, gas, fairies of plants, not "toxic" components.For the therapist/artist/herbalist, the active part of the plant is the part of the right brain that can be used to be active, chaotic, natural, "jump eight degrees" and create miracles.
This activity part is refined in a standardized product because the real activity part is the essential part, the variable part, the subtle part and the invisible part.Does science have anything to do with it?Certainly!The process of identifying specific compounds in plants, copying them in the laboratory and mass-They are produced as drugs and cannot be copied or replaced by any therapist or herbalist.Preparation of standardized drugs protects consumers (usually) and plants from excessive pollutionHarvest (although the net impact on the environment may be harmful ).
If we put anything that must be measured and proven in the field of science, then of course I ask science to be the guardian of the purity of herbs traded in our business, knowing art is the guardian of the purity of herbs we collect.("Apprentice book" tip: when harvesting, put only one plant in the bag.If interloper is introduced by mistake, this allows people to notice quickly and easily.
There is no ending to the story because it is in progress.Dance of health and disease, Dance of Art and Science (don't forget business) without a pause.So the ending of our story is not happy, but not sad.
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