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several information pertaining to methylated spirits by jo ... - first aid beauty skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-23
several information pertaining to methylated spirits by jo ...  -  first aid beauty skin care products
If there is a fact that should be known about the mythical spirit, it is that they are undrinkable substances.
This substance is called alcohol because alcohol, especially ethanol or ethanol, is mixed with a certain amount of methanol and therefore cannot be drunk.
The difference between ethanol and methanol is that ethanol is drinkable, so one of its uses includes consumption in alcoholic beverages.
On the other hand, methanol is toxic and its consumption can lead to blindness or even death.
What are their uses?
A highly flammable liquid that has a unique smell and a burning flavor, using methylation spirits in a variety of different ways.
They are usually used as fuel for the oceans and superoceans
Camping or backpack stove.
The advantage of using this substance is that it is relatively cheap and can be transported without special containers.
Another practical use of this alcohol is as a convenient solvent for cleaning applications such as water removal
Based on paint, remove ink stains from interior decoration or clothes.
In addition, it can be used as a sanding aid as it helps to easily remove excess dust from sanding wood.
This is because it does not open the wood grain like water.
It can also be used to kill the mealybug.
This substance is also used for industrial purposes.
For example, in the painting industry, it is used as a solvent for shellac in knotting, spiritual varnish and Poland, France.
What is the risk of using methylation spirits?
This alcohol is characterized by the fact that its flame is almost invisible under normal daylight conditions.
Thus, inexperienced people tend to think that the stove is empty and needs to be filled, which can eventually lead to an explosion.
The other thing is that it is highly flammable and improper storage and use can cause fire.
In addition, since the substance contains methanol, its consumption can lead to blindness and death.
What are the safety precautions that can be taken?
Since accidents may occur in the use and storage of this chemical product, certain safety precautions must be considered.
Keep the container close;
Label the container;
Away from ignition sources such as matches and lit cigarettes;
Don't put it in the kitchen;
Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves;
Avoid contact with the skin and eyes;
Avoid Inhaling steam;
Ensure adequate ventilation;
Not refilling the methylation spirits burner until it is cool enough to touch;
Do not store the substance in a container in which you intend to contain drinking water in the future;
Wash your hands thoroughly when you have substances on your hands, especially before handling food.
In case of an accident, what first aid measures can be taken?
Immediately rest in a place where the air is fresh;
Seek medical care if recovery is not fast.
Irrigation of contaminated eyes with water for at least 15 minutes;
Be sure not to wash the chemicals from one eye to the other.
Be careful not to cause vomiting;
Give the man enough water to drink;
If vomiting occurs, be careful to suck by mistake;
Don't forget to see a doctor immediately.
You see, there are different uses for methylation spirits.
However, we must be aware of its effects, especially when they are not used properly.
We don't want an accident, do we?
Therefore, responsible use of the substance must be observed.
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