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Shea Butter Uses and Benefits - raw shea butter facial mask review

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
Shea Butter Uses and Benefits  -  raw shea butter facial mask review
I added the benefits of shea butter, the use of shea butter for hair, skin, some of which may surprise you!
Do you know that pure shea butter or unrefined shea butter is more effective than any product of shea butter?
This is a very versatile beauty and treatment product and I can't live without it.
What is avocado?
Avocado is a kind of fat extracted from avocado.
Fat is obtained by distillation of the contents of the fruit.
It is cultivated in the child.
Shea butter is a moisturizer rich in vitamin A, E, and fatty acids that go deep into the skin.
The combination of shea butter and nutrients can effectively repair stretched, dry and damaged skin.
This is also a powerful counter.
Inflammatory Agent
How is shea butter made?
The processing of shea butter is a long and arduous process.
All stages of this process have traditionally been undertaken by West African women.
The process of extracting butter begins with picking fruit from the Karite nut tree, which is similar to the walnut tree.
The pits were extracted from most of the fruit and cooked.
Then dry and bake in the sun.
The last stage of the process is to press the nuts to release the fat butter.
Is created when adding the root of the Borututu tree during the mixing process.
The roots of avocado are bright yellow.
Borututugen enjoys a high reputation in parts of Africa for its medicinal value of cleaning and detoxification.
It also contains vitamin C, K, P and SE, so the yellow shea butter is rich in these nutrients.
It is produced during refining using thermal and hexane chemical extraction.
This eliminates the smell, color and impurities of raw shea butter.
Processed by machine, but using lower heat during refining.
Rub a small amount of shea butter in the palm of your hand and apply it to your face and body.
You will notice that your skin is getting softer and softer in a week. --
Add the mixture to your face and neck for 30 minutes. -
Shea butter is the champion to prevent stretch marks.
Natural vitamin A, E and essential fatty acids provide extra moisture, conditions and elasticity to the skin to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
For pregnant women, shea butter is essential! !
These nutrients also help heal stretching.
Shea butter is ideal for moistening dry elbows and knees, and is also effective for chapped lips and crack healing.
The following shea butter hair film is an effective moisturizing and intensive treatment that benefits all types of hair.
Reduce shea butter to 1 tablespoon if your hair is too greasy. -----
Shea butter is widely used for food.
It is a healthy vegan fat rich in vitamin A, D, E and beta carrots.
It is also a very delicious cooking oil, or aromatic food like stews and curry.
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