shiseido future solution lx range - organic rose skin care products

shiseido future solution lx range  -  organic rose skin care products
Most of us are tightening our belts and giving up our luxury goods during the recession, but obviously not our skin care products.
It appeared during the recession, sales of high-end skin care products, especially-
The old cream has actually increased!
This is good news for Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido, who has just launched the most expensive and innovative product range to date.
Uber luxury future solutions LX series is full of exotic Asian plant extracts such as Uji green tea, star fruit, okra, white angelica roots and star ingredients called Skingenecell IP
After more than 7 years of research by Shiseido, skingenecell IP was designed to significantly inhibit the production of protein serpin B3 in the skin, a by-product of UV irradiation that can lead to a decrease in dryness and smoothness, apparently, when skingenecell IP appears, the level of serpin 3 is barely increased even after UV exposure, making the skin more resistant to signs of anti-aging.
Obviously all research is not cheap so Hi
Tech creams inevitably cost money, but unlike the budget, everything exudes luxury in this range, from smell to texture to packaging.
There are four products on the production line, the first one is clean foam, the only product in the series that does not contain skingenecell IP, but it is clear that it can prepare the skin, enhance the effectiveness of star ingredients.
You just have to squeeze out a small amount in the palm of your hand and heat the foam with warm water.
Texture is almost like velvet, it just melts on the skin and makes it clean, soft, not tight, dry like some detergent.
It also has the most magical fragrance that makes it a real pleasure.
Next, you replace Toner with a balance softener, which should inject moisture into the skin while gently exfoliating.
It significantly improves the texture of the skin and reduces the appearance of pores.
The lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin to make the face feel smooth and soft.
It says you can apply with a cotton pad but I found a pump enough to cover my whole face.
The last step is to apply a protective day cream or a regenerative evening cream-
Sun cream can not only protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, but also moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.
It is rich in texture and color, not greasy and easily absorbed.
Similarly, high-performance night cream restores and restores skin during sleep without the stickiness offered by some night cream.
Now, I'm lucky enough to have a young skin tone, and I can't say I noticed any wrinkles flinch, but after using the cream specifically for three weeks, I saw the hue and texture of my face
The skin feels harder, super soft and has a more uniform tone.
In keeping with Shiseido's Japanese tradition, the cream is beautifully placed in a pearl-like rice bowl with a small spoon to help you measure how many creams you use, trust me, these will look beautiful on your dresser!
The collection features cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and hamanasu roses.
While huge prices may make this product out of the reach of the masses, if you are one of the thousands of women who spend huge sums of money each year looking for the latest skincare innovations, well, this is probably the gold pot you 've been looking.
Shiseido future solutions LX skincare products range has been launched in Brown Thomas, artits and Clerys since September 21.
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