should i do my facial mask or cleanser first 5 things you should know before choosing the best facial ...

should i do my facial mask or cleanser first 5 things you should know before choosing the best facial ...
Oh my God, I have a precious lesson or two.I found the best facial cleanser easy but I was wrong!I have tried at least 20 different facial cleaners before you find the results I want.But I think it's about dealing with a lot of products that become what we might call "experts" in facial care.I would like to share some tips with you to help you find the best facial cleanser (hopefully I spend less time ).# 1.Stay away from big brand products.Have you noticed how large skin care and beautiful model companies hire celebrities to promote their products?These are the people who sell the product, not the quality of the product.The truth is that some companies would rather spend millions of dollars to express their voices than put money into product development.If they do, the fact remains that it will produce a much higher quality than it currently is.#2 the best facial cleanser is made of natural and organic ingredients.He is a synergistic ingredient that is easily accessible on the skin.In fact, the best facial cleanser does not contain synthetic ingredients, chemicals, toxins or other substances that may harm the skin.This is a business of cheap raw materials, and if they can attract more customers using smaller price tags, they will choose low quality raw materials.#3 do not look for the best facial cleanser from a local pharmacy or department store.That is to say, if all the quality products end at an affordable price!If the shelves of these stores are filled with expensive items, do you think they will make money?People go to these stores to buy something good, not something expensive.If you find yourself in the best facial cleanser, do your research online now!This allows you to browse the websites of each product to find out what ingredients they use, why not use them, what they think is the skin care philosophy of #4, away from detergents containing minerals.There are hundreds of facial cleaners on the market that contain minerals, and in short, the price is cheap!Sounds like a good ingredient, don't you?In fact, it can clog pores and prevent skin from breathing.This will prevent your skin from naturally removing harmful toxins and will also cause acne, cracking and dryness.#5 avoid facial cleanser with fragrance.All perfumes are made of chemicals and toxins.Does it really make sense to apply these things on local skin?You 'd better use one or two perfumes, Cologne or body spray, and spray on your clothes if you can.Now you have about 2 years of experience in facial cleaning testing.Your goal?When you're looking for the best facial cleanser, start using these tips and your chance to beat facial cleanser is enough.
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