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Should Women Be Required to Wear Make-Up at Work? - dermalogic products lovely skin care

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-04
Should Women Be Required to Wear Make-Up at Work?  -  dermalogic products lovely skin care
Do women have to wear cosmetics in order to be socially accepted in the workplace? Make-Up, Yes or No?
In our culture, a woman with no makeup on her face is seen by many as "letting go" or "not taking care of her appearance ".
If she goes to interview a face without makeup, she may be treated as sloppy or unprofessional, even in work that does not involve dealing with the public or entertaining the public.
In the United States, some women are fired for not wearing these things to work!
While many supporters of forced Manufacturing
Wearing it makes them feel good about themselves, and I think that if our culture didn't force them to wear it at first, they wouldn't feel bad about themselves when their faces became clean.
It's just a ceremonial face.
Painting is unique to our culture, and its roots are to enhance sexual attraction.
I also think that the main thing is that women put pressure on women to use it, not that men prefer their makeup.
What do you think?
Why should I wear cosmetics?
If I don't want?
At a place of employment in West Michigan, my employer found me and took me to the side.
She told me that I need to pay attention to my appearance in order to fit the image of the store.
I don't know what she means.
I take a shower every day, iron clothes, brush my hair, comb with floss, and keep my hair clean and tidy.
I told her so much.
She seemed angry because she had to explain, but she told me what she meant was to have-up.
When I went against the idea of foundation, she at least insisted on eyeliner and lipstick.
I can't use the foundation!
My skin was the cutest at the time.
It was still beautiful, but at the time it (except for two small scars, one next to my eyes and one on my eyebrows) was perfect.
I can't imagine why she said that!
Why should I wear cosmetics?
If I even feel like I don't need it and don't like how it affects my skin, then all right?
But the truth is, my boss told me that it is necessary to paint to look professional.
This happened 90 years ago, but in the 21 st century it is clear that this pressure and discrimination still exist.
I have never been told since then that I have to make up
To keep a job, but since then, I 've had some very heavy hints at the other two workplaces.
Not long ago I read a news story where a woman took her employer to court for being asked to use cosmetics
Her employer won the job.
So I decided to write a page on the unpleasant side of something that should be an individual choice, not an authorization.
What is your opinion?
Women are required to wear Make. Up at Work? -
Please do not swear in the comments, this is a family friendly web page.
Any bad words, however mild, can lead to unpublished comments even if I agree with you.
So, keep it clean, just like the face you just scrubbed, and you get your say.
I ask that you (preferably put sugar on it) avoid swearing in these comment sections.
I really can't make comments that include all the bad words.
It was really bad because of the language in which I was using and I couldn't make some very good comments that I 've been receiving.
Do you think women should be required to use cosmetics in the workplace?
If you have to put things on your face voluntarily or not, these guidelines provide excellent advice on which products are safe and cruel.
Some men's references to women wearing cosmetics
"I want to see what is real.
"It may make you look better, but the taste is terrible!
"I don't think women should put too much pressure on wearing cosmetics. up. . .
Happy with yourself. .
You're beautiful.
"Anyway, why do women make up?
Is it necessary for women to paint their faces?
Or is it socially acceptable to face the world with a clean face?
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