should you apply facial mask to damp or dry skin three ways to apply moisturizing mask winter -

should you apply facial mask to damp or dry skin three ways to apply moisturizing mask winter -
In winter, the skin enters the "dry season". in order to maintain the moisture of the delicate skin in the winter, the moisturizing of the skin is very important.MM pays more and more attention to Moisturizing maintenance, and moisturizing mask is the fastest in moisturizing products, but is the mask used frequently correct?It will be more effective to use the correct mask.1.After cleansing, don't put the mask until the face has no water evaporation. the skin under the wet mask is the best.Reason: the moist skin absorbs more moisture and nutrients, so when the face is completely cleaned, put the mask in when it is still wet. if it is a dry skin mask, MM can also apply Toner before hitting, keep it moist, so that the mask and the best ingredients in the water are more easily absorbed by the skin.2.Water vapor or steam heating mask can be used appropriately in winter to help absorb moisture and essence.Reason: at low temperature in winter, pores are shrinking and body metabolism is slowing down. if the mask deposited before the mask is heated with hot water or the mask deposited with the surface of water vapor, in this way, when the mask is deposited, it can not only promote the blood circulation of the facial pores, which will help absorb the moisture and essence of the mask.3.The number of weekly deposited masks and masks should be controlled every time, and the moisturizing effect is obvious.Reason: the mask for the treatment cycle is generally used. if it is used daily, the skin will be "too much", but there is no obvious effect.In addition, the winter climate is dry and the water is easy to kill, usually 15-20 minutes is the appropriate mask to stay on the mask for too long. in the face of water, it will evaporate, not only will there be no moisture, but it will make the face water evaporate.
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